Saturday, April 4, 2009

MG Destiny Part 2

It's gold, it's silver, it's [not] tough for you to get by

The gold and silver mania begins ^^

Started painting on two components - a leg and an arm. The commencing part of any model is always slow for me, because my mind would go everywhere thinking about whether to paint a certain part, or to leave it just as it is. When you're working on the a component from either side, you have to consider that whatever you do to it has to be repeated for the other one as well. Good things follow, bad ones too.

Also, sometimes it's good to take into consideration how the mecha fits in with its other friends and fowl of the same time line. If you have painted similarly for the other MGs from SEED Destiny, it's probably a good idea to paint this Destiny in similar fashion as well, so that all of them with have a sense of coherence when put together.

But the consistency of the overall model comes first.

Painted parts for the leg.

Painted red for the thrusters beneath of the feet to be consistent with the main thruster on the backpack - it has red interior for the cover, which in turn lead e to painted the interior of the supporting thruster behind the leg, as well as its cover red with the same color as well.

Gold for the nozzle is very much my own preference. ^^ I was thinking how few things can be seen beneath the feet when it's being displayed mid-air, so I added the bling-bling. Same thing has to be done for the nozzle inside the main thruster as well.

Gold and silver for the various pipes for the leg's inner frame.

Painted gray for the bottom part of the knee cover to signify the extension of the mecha frame from the leg.

Gray for part of the interior of the knee cover is directly the opposite of my experience with Strike Freedom actually. For Strike Freedom, the part for the interior of the knee was molded in black and the guide showed it being painted in gold. I didn't follow that however, because I wanted to show that instead of having an extension from the gold inner frame inside the knee, there's another layer of black mecha component from the knee armor.

For Destiny, I didn't follow the guide on leaving the the knee cover unpainted, but the idea is very much the same with what I did with Strike Freedom - some level of details beneath the knee cover, and what is it going to show when the knee bends.

Onto the shoulder and arm, as you can see, gold and silver decorates various parts, especially the inner frame.

The design of the elbow joint is almost identical with that of Strike Freedom and many other MGs, with one part for the upper arm and forearm respectively, connected via two other pieces that form the elbow. So you do get the little non-functional hydraulic pipes in the middle of that part.

All colors used this time are from Gundam Markers, with a little help from a few normal markers. Gray and red from SEED Basic Set, Gold from BB Senshi Sangokuden Set and Silver from GM05 (also available in BB Senshi Sangokuden Set).

More painting in the next few reviews.


Stefan said...

Wow, that's some level of detail!
Nice work so far, can't wait to see the next part.

Gundam Guy said...

For the detailing using gold & silver paint, did u use gundam markers? If so, how did you do it so that the paint look so consistant?

I also have gundam marker, but sometimes, the marker just ink out a big splatter that not easily controlled.

AstrayP03 said...

how the hell did u manage to paint the pipes so beautifully??

Aldo said...

I did the similar gold and silver paintings at my destiny's skeleton! LOL! But not as neat as yours... I erased the splatters using toothpicks, with a lot of patients...

Try to use Snowman's silver marker. They're more shiny. :D

Busterbeam said...

as someone who painted the inner frame of the MG Impulse but not the inside of the armour i can only say that im very impessed! it looks great! its just a shame that it will only be seen in pictures!

Anonymous said...

u could try use the silver marker from unicorn ( yes the stationary stuff 1 )
its has a much more "chrome" look

and i see that pilot came out wit a new series of permanent markers which i think has more colour choices and nicer compare to those of yosogo

u could gv it a try

Anonymous said...

the silver marker mentioned above is from artline not unicorn ( my mistake )

Anonymous said...

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