Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Ferry Part 7 [Final]

Grand finale

Completing the assembly of the hovercraft ferry mode of Lego Creator No. 4997 Transport Ferry that started since yesterday in this posting. Ultimately, this will also be the last posting for this entire Lego set, which started in early January this year, since I've tried all 3 modes designed for this set. ^^

The longest running review series for this year no doubt. ^^;

Nonetheless, with 1,279 pieces in total, I'm very sure there are plenty of other items that can be built from this set alone. Currently, I'm not too interested in dwelling into all those possibilities through trial-and-errors, with not enough time at hand being the deterrent, as usual. ^^;

Moving on to complete the hovercraft. ^^

Very simple-looking tail units.
Not very firm when placed on the roof actually, since there are just a few studs holding each of them in place.

A whole bunch of plates and bars forming the cover/roof over the main container area.

Adding in a few more details - not too sure about the exact functionality they are mimicking, but the different colors really make the whole component looks very interesting.

Fits on top of the container area very nicely. ^^

4 sets of identical parts for the fins.
At this stage, it's interesting to see how after using up so many parts for the main model itself, there are still parts to pick from to be assembled into 4 sets of identical components. ^^

Placing the fins on top of the model.

Very much like the tail parts, where the placement isn't very firm with very few studs to hold each of the fin sets in place.

Logically, the 2 assembled vehicles move into the hovercraft using the rear gate. However, with everything enclosed, it's very hard to see where they are driving to. ^^;

The roof of the container area can be removed conveniently.
Interestingly, there's no stud to hold the cover actually. It's just sitting here between the front and rear roofs.

The 2 vehicles can be placed and positioned inside the hovercraft however you want them to be. ^^
Cheating eh? ^^

Still quite a lot of leftover bricks after the entire hovercraft is done, but definitely not as many as the cargo plane. ^^

And the hovercraft ferry is all done. ^^

Assembling some of its components, especially the floor, walls and bridge do remind me of the experience with the main model. ^^ It's broader, but smaller and shorter as compared to the transport ferry. The details are equally impressive nonetheless. The two vehicles' design, the different colors used for the walls and roof, accessories and details of the bridge and other components and the fins looks really cool.

The gimmick of the gates is very simple, which seems just like the cargo bay doors on the cargo plane, just bigger and they open from the opposite side. The design of the cover over the container area is the most interesting feature on this alternate model for me. The fact that it's not held down by any stud, just secured in place by neighboring components is quite a unique design. More content can be placed into the body of the hovercraft from the top, so I can just imagine how cool this Lego set would be for kids. ^^ They would definitely try to put whatever they have into the container area for the fun of it. ^^

Overall, it's a very fun Lego set to have. It definitely brought back a lot of fond memories of wanting and imagining such awesome toys. It's a great exposure for me to what Lego could offer in terms of designs and gimmicks after so many years , which I always thought to be just many bricks coming together to form some kind of structure. ^^;

More Lego sets to be featured on this blog, most definitely. ^^

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