Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood Part 3

Scary neck joint

More images of Revoltech Nicholas D. Wolfwood after the introduction on its weapon and option parts yesterday.

Equipped with "the Punisher" in undeployed mode.
Having the figure carrying the weapon over its shoulder as shown at the end of Part 2 seems more natural-looking to me, but in that form of display, the back of the figure would be hidden. ^^;

A look at Revoltech Nicholas's articulation design:

Standard articulation design for the neck.

Even though there's no collar block in front of the neck that would obstruct the forward/backward tilting of the head (like that on Vash as mentioned in the previous posting), ...

... the entire collar area of Nicholas is movable, giving the head up to 90 degrees of downward bending range.
This seems to be a great design depicting the tragic ending of the character from some of the reviews I saw, but the obvious split between the neck and the chest when viewed from the front is not really that cool. ^^;

The shoulders, elbow, wrist are of standard Revoltech design.

Standard design for the waist joint as well.
However, as compared to Vash, the abdomen joint is missing on this figure. The exclusion of this joint is to preserve the look of Nicholas's shirt I believe, since it doesn't feature a separate coat like Vash's jacket.

Pretty standard articulation design for the hip and legs as well.

The hip joint is of hinge type like that on Revoltech Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, not Revoltech joints as seen on Vash. Just like the lack of an abdomen joint, the idea is to preserve the look of the trousers when the joints are not used I believe.

Without his signature weapon "the Punisher", there's not much to look at for Nicholas D. Wolfwood, since his costume design is so plain as compared to the flamboyant jacket of Vash. ^^; On a related note, the lack of details on the figure itself also means the lack of quite a few Revoltech joints as compared to Vash - 11 to be exact: the abdomen joint as highlighted above and 10 small Revoltech joints used to link Vash's jacket pieces (obviously).

Then again, when it comes to weapon gimmicks, Vash's single gun is absolutely no match for "the Punisher" (XD), which you will find out in the next posting on Nicholas, but before that, more action poses from Vash will be next. ^^

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