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HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam Part 3

Why one saber when you can go for four

A look at HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam's articulation design and gimmicks in this posting. ^^

Pretty standard articulation design for the head.

The side armor can be lifted to allow the arm to bend to the side for a very wide degree.
The thruster inside the shoulder armor is obviously just for show for such articulation design, but it's for the good of it I think. ^^

The shoulder-to-body ball type joint allows the shoulder to bend upward for a slight degree.

A complete 180-degree bend for the elbow joint is possible.

The arms are also designed with a pair of separated and movable wrist components and bendable wrist joints for even more flexible posability with the arms.

Limited left and right rotation for the waist because of all the attachments on its back and skirt armor.

The side skirt armors are attached to the waist via ball type joints, so flexibility in posing them is well expected. ^^

The arms carrying the side skirt armor is somewhat similar to the front skirt armors' joints on HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam.

The said arms allow the side skirt armors to swing rearward if they are obstructing the arms. However, given the size of the side skirt armors, only one can be positioned on the back at a time.
Still, the design is very cool to see. The design almost seems like Strike Freedom Gundam's hip rail cannons. ^^

The tight old-school ball-type joints are pretty limited. ^^

(Left) Not much articulation for the knee joint as well, which is well expected from the huge armor the leg is wearing.
(Right) Limited slide to the side for the ankle joint for the foot to be posed away from leg armor.

Despite the limited hip and knee joints, kneeling is no problem-mo for the big guy. O_O

The GN Cannons on the knees can of course be deployed.

Part swapping using Seraphim Gundam's hand units shown in the previous posting.

Unlike the other three HCM-Pro Gundams from "Gundam Double O" Season 2, there's no movable shoulder block for Seravee Gundam unfortunately. The design is meant to preserve the fixed shape of the body so not to "disturb" the backpack I suppose. ^^;

With Seraphim Gundam's ankle joints fixed to the thighs as shown in the previous posting, movement is not possible for the transformed rear thrusters.

The lower portion of the backpack can be pulled downward to reveal the large Gundam head's face in its entirety. ^^

Apart from individually movable handles on GN Bazooka II's as shown in the previous posting, the supporting handles have the same gimmick as well.

Individually movable supporting handles make posing Seravee Gundam holding the weapon with both arms a really easy task. ^^

Each half of the bazooka's barrel can be pushed upward - concealing the targeting sensor.
Tons of different names for different configuration, with or without Trans-Am mode and with or without the GN Cannons' support for Seravee Gundam, which I don't really want to go into. ^^;

With the two halves of the bazooka separated.

The pair of "mirror" tabs and slots that connect and hold the two halves. ^^

(Left) The cannon nozzles at the base of the bazookas can be seen.
(Right) Nice clear yellow paint with molded details for the interior of the barrel.

There are tabs inside the rear end of the stock to connect the bazooka to GN Cannon over Seravee Gundam's shoulder.

Like this. ^^

As you would imagine, the combo works well when the bazookas are split too. ^^
The multiple joints of the wrists and hand units are the key for the bazookas to be held this well. ^^

Just two action poses from this HCM-Pro figure for the moment: ^^;

Having four beam sabers in one shot is the limit for Seravee Gundam, unfortunately, even though there are arms (XD) for another two. While the two extra beam sabers can be borrowed from his buddies, only two GN Cannon-type hand units for holding weapons are given. ^^; So no Asura mode for Seravee Gundam then. XD

More action poses featuring Seravee Gundam coming up next. ^^

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Zero said...

The O Gundam version xD.
Jokes aside, a really nice model I must say, pretty balanced (except for having the ability to wield four sabers =P) and with tons of options to pose it =D

Amazing as always!.