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Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock Part 3

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More images of Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock after the introduction of her accessories and option parts in the previous posting. ^^

But before that, her default embarrassed look needs to be changed to get a more "normal" and serious-looking Boa Hancock. ^^ The change in expression is more of a personal preference actually, because even though the embarrassed look is alright in certain poses, it's not the character image I'm more used to. ^^

Option face, arm parts and hand unit used for the appearance change.

The Figuarts Zero version's expression and standing pose. ^^

Closeups on the details:

With her cape removed:

At first glance, the figure is very lovely. ^^ Her expression and costume design certainly are very accurate representation of Boa Hancock in a deformed scale. ^^

However, upon closer examination, the rather crude finishing can be spotted quite easily. ^^; There are quite a few spots of chipped paint here and there on the figure, and I don't mean just the ones on not-so-obvious spots, but on her dress, sleeves and feet which are totally out in the open. The frequency of the flaws' occurrence is beyond minor mistakes that can be forgiven, it's a show of sloppy quality control, which is really unfortunate for the character. ^^;

Luckily, as noted in Part 1, there's no competition going on between Tamashii Nations and Good Smile Company in the deformed character figure market, yet. Clearly Tamashii Nations are still miles away from Good Smile Company in terms of handling minute paint details on figures in this scale. A good example to illustrate this would be Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition. A strap fixed to Miku's dress with zigzag patterns immediately sprang to my mind when it comes to details and craftsmanship of the figure. ^^

Very small and minor in terms of its importance to the overall figure I would say, but it's an exceptionally well done piece of tiny part on the Nendoroid figure. If details are what you're looking for, it's definitely something that would give you a very good impression about the figure, besides many other elements.

Then for Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock: ^^;

Not even the most obvious component on relatively large parts on the front side of the figure are safe from flawed painted work, ^^; Very disappointing. ^^;

Some might argue that price should be considered when making the comparison, as 2,940 Yen (inclusive of tax) with so many accessories and option parts included for this figure seemed much lower than the normal 3,500 Yen (inclusive of tax) price range of most regular Nendoroid releases with less accessories, but I always believe that price shouldn't be a factor for sacrificing quality, especially for character figure and figurines. While the design of all the accessories and option parts are meant to realize Boa Hancock's famous character images in the manga/anime series, the poor detail treatment would pop on in all those poses and affect the overall look. The attempt to impress using high number of accessories and option part isn't working well for Tamashii Nations' there. ^^; In the end, 2,940 (inclusive of tax) as the price of this Chibi-Arts figure made it seem cheap - "it's not that great in terms of paint work so we hope you won't complain since it's priced 500 Yen lower than normal Nendoroid figures", not a bargain, which again, is tremendously unfortunately for the character. A popular character like Boa Hancock deserves better merchandises to compliment the character image., and this Chibi-Arts figure is not one of them in my opinion. ^^;

Luckily though, all the paint work flaws are on her dress, and there's none on all her face parts. It would be disastrous if one of her eyes has a chipped paint on it. I would properly send her back and ask for a refund if that was the case. ^^;

Tamashii Nations will have to work much harder if they want their quality in making deformed character figures to be viewed on the same level as Good Smile Company's releases. With this Chibi-Arts figure, I think the gap is still very wide. ^^;

A look at the figure's joint design:

Three very typical swivel-hinge joints for the neck and hips, but the figure is capable of more movement in parts other than those three joints.

Vertical and horizontal tilts can be done very easily.

A ball-type joint between the chest and abdomen allows side-to-side swivel for the upper body.

The upper body can be bent to the back for a slight degree as well, but given the weight of the figure's head to be supported by that joint, I don't think such articulation is recommended.

The relatively large patch of red paint on the waist that is exposed when the joint is a good reason to not be bothered with bending the body backward as well. ^^;

Shoulder swivel joint allows the arm to swing forward and backward (for certain types of arm only).
The hips' swivel-hinge joint is only beneficial to the left leg, as it can be posed through the gap between Boa's sarong. ^^

A look at all of Boa Hancock's famous poses on this Chibi-Arts figure in the next posting. ^^

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