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HGUC Kampfer Part 1

Blue enough

Done with the review on Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece MP-18 Streak, I'm dusting off another one of my old Gunpla purchases. ^^

HGUC Kampfer
Production company: Bandai
Release date: Early August 2008
Price: 1,800 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Merchandise link

Since it was released in August 2008, HGUC Kampfer is already more than six years old now, even though it's still a brand new kit for me. ^^ Interestingly, the kit went through an extensive redesign, and was released as Kampfer Amazing from "Gundam Build Fighters" in January last year. When that High Grade kit came out, I was thinking of starting the work on HGUC Kampfer - the release reminded me that I still have it in my closet, XD but I didn't pursue that desire seriously since I was working on the detailing of Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka at that point. ^^ Still, the release of Kampfer Amazing hit me as an irony that I could still taste in my mouth right now. ^^; The HGUC kit of Kampfer became part of the story of a new Gundam series, got its own kit, and I've yet to build the original HGUC kit even though I got it when it was first released. ^^;

Like many other Mobile Suits, Kampfer seemed ignored in the HGUC line prior to its release. ^^; I'm sure many fans were looking forward to it when Gundam NT-1 came out in 2004, and given its famous fight scene against the Gundam in "MS Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket", its release after Gundam NT-1 should be a no-brainer at all, but for whatever reason, it didn't come out until four years later. ^^; This HGUC kit is pretty much a 1/144 scale version of its Master Grade counterpart, which was release in January 2001. Besides having similar proportion, they share many similarities in their weapon gimmicks as well. I didn't expect the HGUC version to have any super special feature as compared to its Master Grade counterpart, so the design similarity seems just fine to me, and that was the same sentiment I had about the kit back in 2008 when it was first announced. ^^ I supposed I was happy enough to see Kampfer getting a HGUC treatment after so many years of waiting. ^^

On the other hand, the molded color given to this HGUC version is very different from its Master Grade counterpart. On the latter, the main color is dark greenish blue, which is quite odd-looking. ^^; On this HGUC version however, the shade of green is gone, and the blue is a lot lighter, which is actually a pretty appealing color. ^^ While the colors are different, they do share a similarity: their respective molded color is not an accurate representation of Kampfer's actual color as seen in the OVA in my opinion. ^^; Of the different merchandise versions of Kampfer, I think the Mobile Suit in Action!! version did the best in realizing the most anime-accurate color scheme. ^^

Introduction of the kit on the sides of box.


The instruction manual.

All runners.

A look at the runners' design:

Runner A - A multi-color runner that contains parts mainly for the arms, hand units, and various thrusters.

(Left) Intricate molded pipe details on the neck part.
(Right) The interior of all the thrusters behind the kit needs to be painted yellow. ^^;

(Left) The only thruster parts that came molded in yellow are for the shoulder armors, and chest.
(Right) Very nicely molded mecha details on each of the top and bottom parts of the chain mine.

Runner B - Contain blue parts mainly for the legs, and body.

One-piece parts for the head.

Like the thruster nozzles on Runner A, the leg and waist thrusters need to be painted yellow as well. ^^;

The part separation design for the thighs, and shoulder armors is almost identical to that on the Master Grade version, which unfortunately means that there are going to be some very obvious parting lines on those components when they are completed. ^^;

Runner C - Two pieces, contain blue parts for either arm, and leg.

Large one-piece parts for the foot, with really elaborate molded details on the sole. ^^

One-piece part for the forearm armor. I really hope that middle gate was designed to be connected to another spot on the part, so that there won't be any obvious cut mark when it's removed. Unfortunately, it has to be on the most obvious, and noticeable spot. ^^;

Runner D - Two pieces, contain gray parts for the weapons.

(Left) Luckily, since I have Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) now, detailing all the chain mine parts is not going to be too difficult a task. ^^
(Right) Part-swapping is needed to show the shotgun in deployed state, but unlike the same part on Master Grade version, the weapon's handle came molded with the stock.

Runner E - An ABS runner that contains parts for the model's joints, and weapon mount racks.

Beam saber runner SB6, polycap set PC-132B, and a wire for the chain mine.

Clear and foil sticker sheets.

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

Tons of yellow paint work needed for the many thruster nozzles of Kampfer. ^^;

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