Saturday, April 12, 2014

1/1 HoiHoi-san Part 7 [Final]

Someone call for an exterminator?

Ten points for you if you recognize the origin of the tagline above. ^^ I don't know what benefit you can enjoy from that ten points, but I'm going to give it to you if you can get the answer. XD

Anyway, all action poses from 1/1 HoiHoi-san in this last part of the review series. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Utilizing the base and clips of Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type to form a makeshift weapon rack for HoiHoi-san. ^^

This is the second appearance of the display stand set as a weapon rack. The first time was for its own review, with Master Grade Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka as the "subject". ^^

Posed with an additional weapon: M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-20 Gatling Gun.
HoiHoi-san looks like the perfect model to showcase this heavy weapon. ^^

If you go through all the images, you will find that there's no head and waist movement for HoiHoi-san. ^^; That's pretty much how I dealt with the articulation issue of this model as mentioned in Part 5 - by not adjusting those joints at all. ^^; The rest of HoiHoi-san's joints work fine in supporting the model's action poses, even though they are still just as stiff as their initial completion in Part 5. ^^;

On the other hand, I'm really glad that there are option eye expression parts given in this kit, as they work magically in substituting the difficult-to-move neck joint to give HoiHoi-san some variations in the direction she's looking at. Before assembling this kit, I used to think that said option parts have little practical benefit on the end model, since the eye movement is subtle, and HoiHoi-san herself looks pretty emotionless. However, after discovering the neck joint issue, those option parts prove to be crucial parts to the model's posability. ^^

Comparison with Keropla God Keron's Keroro Robo Mk-II: ^^

HoiHoi-san has roughly the same size as Keroro Robo Mk-II. ^^

Comparison with a Nendoroid figure, Kirino Kousaka in this case: ^^

HoiHoi-san seems like a good candidate for the little sister to be obsessed with. ^^

Overall, despite its issues, 1/1 HoiHoi-san is still a good model kit in my opinion. Based off a little humanoid maid character, the design is unique, the assembly is simple, with some interesting part separation design as mentioned in Part 5. Posability for HoiHoi-san is average I would say, but it does make for a very nice display among conventional mecha model kits and figures. ^^

Now that I have one in my collection, maybe HoiHoi-san does come alive at night, and would sneak out of the box I'm keeping it in to help exterminate the bugs in my room. ^^

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Ghostbusters? Mousetrap? Arachnophobia???

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The Firebats from Star Craft.