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Banpresto's Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S Roy Focker's Unit Part 8 [Final]

Proportion versus gimmick

More action poses of Banpresto's Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S Roy Focker's Unit in various forms after the previous posting: ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

I finally found a way to mount the FAST Pack equipped Battroid mode onto Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type. ^^

Finding just the right spot on the fighter mode to show it off using a single display stand is quite exciting to me as well. ^^
The clip used is actually from Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

I didn't adjust many poses for the figure with the FAST Pack equipped to it to avoid too much stress on all the joints, and on the display stand that is used to hold the figure as well. ^^; All the addons are not exactly heavy, but for a figure with fragility being highlighted as one of its main issues, the weight is still pretty considerate and needs to be cautious of. ^^;

Then again, after transforming it back and forth between different modes, with or without the FAST Pack on, and then even more transformation for the different action poses shown since the previous posting, no joint on this figure is damaged or exhausted to the point they no longer work, which is an amazing feat for the figure considering its age. ^^ It seemed fragile the moment I took it out of the box, and it felt fragile during the different transformation sequences, but at this stage when the review is about to be concluded, a contrasting outcome emerges: the figure is actually quite durable to be able to survive all the adjustments done to it all this while. ^^ Even though I was being careful in handling it, there were a few occasions when it fell off the display stand, which was how I found out more than one stand is needed to support the figure, ^^; but the figure endured all that quite well. I have to say, its durability is incredible, ^^ It's a characteristic not shown on the box cover or in the instruction sheet (obviously ^^), so it's a pleasant surprise of the figure too. ^^

The similarity/difference between this figure and its Revoltech equivalence was mentioned a few times throughout this review series. Here's an extensive comparison between the two figures in terms of their appearance:

Front view

Front left view

Rear left view

Rear view

Right rear view

Right front view

[With the FAST Pack equipped:]

Due to the availability and absence of transformation on this prize item and the Revoltech version respectively, the body proportion is strikingly different between the two figures. While I like this prize item version's broad chest, I prefer the stronger-looking arms and legs of the Revoltech version. ^^ So, for me, the perfect proportion design would feature the limbs from the latter, plus the torso from this prize item. ^^ Such proportion design is actually contradictory to the mecha's transformation design: all four limbs must be "condensed" beneath the main body, so if they are designed to be any larger, they would poke out from the side of the fighter mode and distort its overall look. ^^; Even the latest incarnation of this mecha, the 1/72 scale transformable plamo version from Bandai Hobby Division wasn't able to address this consideration in proportion design very well in my opinion. To facilitate the model's ability to transform, the limbs are expectedly skinny. ^^;

All in all, this is a figure that offers a lot of pleasant surprises in my opinion. ^^ The near-perfect transformation is pretty amazing, and fun to play with. Just the versatility in form configuration and transformation are enough to impress, but the durability of the joints in supporting extended adjustments, and the figure's articulation design that supports a wide range of posability make it even more awesome. ^^ I didn't expect too much when I first opened the box, especially when its age is considered. Perhaps that's one of the main reasons why the figure seems so impressive to me - it's exceedingly good for its age. XD

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