Friday, February 21, 2014

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No more reviews...

... for the next one week. ^^;

I'll be off for a one-week break in Singapore, starting today, and I'm not bringing any of my collectibles over there to review, so the more "usual" blog content of reviews will stop during that period of time. I'll still be updating the blog in Singapore though, perhaps with what I see and experience there. ^^

While I'm away, Nendoroid Miyuki will be taking care of business back at home. XD

Unlike the last time (2010), the bodyguard assigned to Miyuki this time is going to be more professional and dependable. ^^

It's the "mini-mini-minion" of Miyuki: Nendoroid Petit Miyuki x Crimson Viper from the Lucky Star x Street Fighter set. ^^

There should be no problem at all. ^^

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 18 [Final]

The obvious hair and face dilemma

The last posting for BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, and Kyoshin Elephant Set focuses on the second alternate form of Syukuyuu Gundam (with the first one being her own unique Bishamon Mandala (毘沙門曼陀羅) mode), one which is only shown very briefly in the instruction manual. ^^

Syukuyuu Gundam riding on Kongouyaka.

I must say, the customized version of Kongouyaka for Syukuyuu Gundam as depicted in the instruction manual and comic looks much more impressive, as compared to this version, which is obviously "borrowed" from Moukaku Gundam XD

Just like Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam has the ability to combine with Kongouyaka to get the Kongou Ashura Armor form.

This is the only image in the instruction manual that shows Syukuyuu Gundam in said armored form. The instruction for the configuration is not available at all.
Then again, since the steps involved are so similar to Moukaku Gundam's form change, the lack of instruction is not a problem at all.

Syukuyuu Gundam needs to be configured into her Bishamon Mandala mode first.

Rasatsuhishourin, and the helmet jewel need to be removed from Syukuyuu Gundam as well.
The removal of the helmet jewel is not a unique step for the Gundam actually. Moukaku Gundam needs that component for his form change as well.

Syukuyuu Gundam's limbs are adjusted to face outward on either side of the body.

Separation of Kongouyaka's components.
The slight transformation of some of the components, and repositioning of the rest to form the armor pack can be seen in Part 14, and since all the steps are identical, I won't reiterate them here.

The twin slots on its back (which are used to mount Rasatsuhishourin) are the main connecting points between Syukuyuu Gundam and the armor pack.

With the Gundam is attached to the armor pack, the arms and legs are retracted to encapsulate the limbs of the "pilot". ^^

The adjusted elephant head (see Part 14) is attached to the armor pack to form the chest armor.
And again, given how it's impossible for the chest armor to stay in place - a problem noted in Part 14, a patch of double-sided tape is used to make sure that the chest armor is connected properly.

A look at the completed Kongou Ashura Armor form for Syukuyuu Gundam:

Closeups on the details:

Since much of the Gundam's body is hidden inside the armor pack, just like Moukaku Gundam in this mode, the head is the only major difference between the two. ^^ Going back to something I mentioned at the beginning of this posting, it would indeed be more impressive to have a customized version of Kongouyaka for Syukuyuu Gundam, since its special blue color scheme would make the armored form stand out on its own when compared to Moukaku Gundam in the same mode. ^^

On a separate note, the rear view of the model should give you an idea why Syukuyuu Gundam has to be in her Bishamon Mandala mode first for this Kongou Ashura Armor form. It's nothing to do with her being evil in the armored form, or having to harness greater strength through her mode change to be able to use the armor pack, but merely to avoid the collision between her rear hair pieces and the armor pack's spine if the former aren't lifted in the first place - a simple, yet very practical model kit issue I would say. ^^; And since the upward positioning of the hair pieces is part of the Bishamon Mandala mode, the expression change is there to complete the look. ^^

Some action poses from an armored Syukuyuu Gundam:

Rasatsuhishourin look like puny daggers when used by the armored form. ^^

Using the clear green effect parts, Syukuyuu Gundam can execute Kongou Hadouken (金剛波動拳) and Bakunetsu KongouKen (爆熱金剛拳) as well, even though the attack moves are meant more for Moukaku Gundam in the same mode. ^^

Realizing the box art image using the three completed kits:

Overall, this is a fun BB Senshi Sangokuden set. ^^ Each of the three individual kits is interesting to assemble and play with: Moukaku Gundam with its extra large V-fins, Syukuyuu Gundam being the first female character-type kit of the line to be rolled out, and Kongouyaka with its multiple forms of course. Despite the latter being a huge attraction point of this bundled set, through the course of the review, I feel that I like the default forms of the individual kits more. ^^ I suppose in the case of Moukaku Gundam and Syukuyuu Gundam, the golden parts on them, realized through Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold are already awesome-looking enough to me, so no extra gimmick is really necessary for me to appreciate them more. ^^ As for Kongoyaka, its tank mode is pretty good, but not super amazing. The armor pack form on the other hand, is quite disappointing, due to the unfortunate design flaw of the chest armor. ^^; As the one and only "power suit" for BB Senshi Sangokuden kits, there are so many possibilities for it, involving characters other than Moukaku Gundam and Syukuyuu Gundam, and that would be very interesting to see, if only the chest armor could be designed a bit better to be able to stay in place. ^^;

Then again, I understand that they are toy gimmicks to appeal to the demographic of this Gunpla line, and there had to be a trade off somewhere when other elements like price, and complexity in assembly were considered when the kits were first designed. So, I'm definitely not going to write off this bundled set as being bad just because of a few flaws. It's still a fun set to me. ^^

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