Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S.I.C. Vol. 48 Kamen Rider Gaoh & Kintaros Imagin Part 8

The making of a very odd combination

A lot of battle ax swinging here and there in this posting. ^^

No metal part used on the battle ax, so having Kintaros Imagin to wield it in whatever pose you like is real easy business.
Can't imagine how much that thing would weight if the ax portion is made of metal part. ^^;

My pencil case came out as cameo again. ^^
Despite the volume, balancing is not an issue for Kintaros Imagin. ^^

A very content Kintaros Imagin with Naomi-chan's coffee.
He can sit down well with his legs crossed, but the body would lean backwards a bit because of the limit of the hip joint.

Is that milk coffee? The paint job on the cup and saucer fascinates me every time I see them. ^^
No suitable option hand unit to grab the cup really, that's the neck-popping right hand there.

Kintaros Imagin's training hard XD

And now, away from the hard labor and action, it's time for a little bit serenity through calligraphy. XD

Not too easy for the hand to grab the brush actually, the fingers always loosen and drop the brush seconds before I get to take the picture ^^;

Death from above!

Kintaros Kick (if there's such a move XD)

Kamen Rider Gaoh having a tea with Kintaros Imagin. ^^
The image is plain weird no matter how many time I look at it XD

A comparison with S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade in the next review. ^^

S.I.C. Vol. 48 Kamen Rider Gaoh & Kintaros Imagin Part 7

Same design, slightly different outcome

Moving onto the articulation design of S.I.C. Kintaros Imagin.

Being in the same bundled set as Kamen Rider Gaoh, the parts used for the joints are exactly the same, however, the difference in size and armor design cause Kintaros Imagin's articulation range to differ from that on Kamen Rider Gaoh.

A short neck doesn't allow much articulation for the head. ^^;
The head can bend down pretty nicely, so showing Kintaros dozing off is pretty easy. ^^

Smaller shoulder armors allow Kintaros Imagin to stretch his arms wider than Kamen Rider Gaoh.

About the same articulation range for the elbow, which allows him to almost touch his own shoulder.

Stretching the legs is fine, although it will be limited by the large thigh armors at about this point.
Kamen Rider Gaoh on the other hand, with no such large armor, doesn't face this issue.

Bending the leg backwards is again limited by the thigh, but it will be just right.

A more regular two-point hinge joint for the knee. I suppose the half-hinge-half-ball type joint used for S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade's knee will no longer be in service?

Just like Kamen Rider Gaoh, the front portion of the foot has a joint that allows it to move.

A lot of option hand units for Kintaros Imagin's action poses, ...

... but the most important one is still the special right hand for his signature neck-popping pose XD

Now that's what you call a battle ax. ^^

More action poses of Kintaros Imagin in the next review.

Monday, June 28, 2010

S.I.C. Vol. 48 Kamen Rider Gaoh & Kintaros Imagin Part 6

The fur! The fur!

Introducing Kintaros Imagin from the bundle set of S.I.C. Vol. 48.

Size-wise, Kintaros Imagin is bigger than Kamen Rider Gaoh, which is a natural design in my opinion. Kintaros Imagin is supposed to be the strongest in terms of strength among the 5 Imagins (Sieg included). His size is pretty obvious to see from the TV series.

This S.I.C. figure of Kintaros Imagin really captures his spirit from the show I believe. Various parts are painted in gradient shades, which is really lovely to see. ^^ The shoulder and thigh armors are made of clear yellow material with, again, very beautiful gradient paint scheme of orange and gold.

Another feature I like about Kintaros Imagin is his jacket. I always feel that he looks like a biker (without a bike that is) from the TV series, and to my delight, the S.I.C. version reinforce that image by putting on tiny sewing marks on the edge of the emblem patches in front and behind his jacket. Thanks to such details, it's not hard to feel the thickness of the jacket and link the design to a bikers jacket.

And of course, the fur on the collar and on the back of the forearms is pretty amazing as well. I used to worry about it dropping off and causing a mess, but nope, the fur doesn't come off even if you try to pull it off. I have no idea what material or adhesive the manufacturer used, but it's very effective. ^^ As you can see from some of the images above, there's a little bit of yellow sprayed onto the top of the fur as well. Not much, but clearly visible. That's another bonus design feature of this figure in my opinion. ^^

Will be looking at the articulation design of Kintaros Imagin in the next posting.