Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 3

Connection to Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa

Introducing all of Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir's accessories and option parts after the previous posting. ^^

Monday, April 29, 2013

Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 2

Even the tiniest detail matters

More images of Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 1

Giant ax-wielding not-so little girl

It's "Revoltech-mania" for my blog this month, ^^ with this third Revoltech review in April coming up. ^^

While all of them are indeed Revoltech figures, everybody comes from different sub-series actually. Griffon is from the Yamaguchi series, even though it wasn't labelled so when it was released; War Machine is from the Sci-fi Revoltech series; while this figure is from a sub-series I haven't had any new review in more than two years. ^^;

This is Ymir from the Queen's Blade series. She is from a sub-series in Revoltech so special I have to use the line break feature on Blogger for the first time (officially) when writing this review. ^^

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Megatron Part 6 [Final]

Cannon swap

More action poses featuring "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron after the previous posting. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver..

The hood piece can be detached from the cape, but the latter is now just "hanging" on the left shoulder without any joint that secures the connection. ^^;

A "summary" of Megatron's transformation sequence: ^^

Comparison with the only other figure I have from "Dark of the Moon": Voyager Class Shockwave in vehicle and robot mode:

With his cape and hood on, Megatron's thin body proportion is somewhat concealed. ^^ Thanks to the cape and hood in that sense, the Decepticon leader appears to be on par with Shockwave in terms of size and height. Then again, when you compare between their bodies, arms and lower legs, Shockwave's bulk is very apparent. ^^;

In essence, the size difference isn't really a big issue for me, since Shockwave himself is always awesome, ^^ and I don't have to compare between them to like them any better. Then again, I still wish Megatron was designed to be just as bulky as Shockwave for movie accuracy and to get that sense of strength and power. All the nice features such as its fun transformation design and flexible articulation range aside, that symbol is very important in my opinion. ^^

Since he's the boss, he should have the look of a boss too. ^^

On the other hand, since both of them are part of the "Mechtech" weapon gimmick series, their weapons are not only interchangeable, but can be configured/appended with extra parts.

Shockwave's cannon mounted onto Megatron's right forearm.

Thanks to Megatron's thin proportion, (^^;) the cannon's mount rack has more than enough room to be fitted onto the "borrower's" forearm.

Except for its color, Shockwave's cannon seems to be fit Megatron nicely. ^^

Megatron wielding his own Fusion Cannon and that from Shockwave with its large blade appended. ^^

Shockwave can obviously use Megatron's weapon as well. ^^

The power pose that extends from Shockwave's back can be fitted into the 5mm Mechtech slot on top of the cannon. ^^

The protruding joint section of the cannon and the spacious gap between the weapon and Shockwave's forearm gives the cannon an unneeded hinge articulation point. ^^;

When the pose is not connected to the top port, it can be used to mount Shockwave's blade weapon. ^^

Since Shockwave's blade weapon can be mounted on top of either its own cannon or Megatron's Fusion Cannon, that would mean the two weapons can be mounted on top of one another as well to form a hyper-heavy-beefed-up-doomsday blaster of some sort. XD I just thought of the idea as I'm writing this posting, so I don't feel like going back to try the weapon gimmick out and take new pictures of the result at this point. ^^; As long as there's enough clearance for the joints to be connected properly, I think the weapons can indeed combine. ^^ The "Mechtech" weapon gimmick certainly serves the purpose of providing a great deal of playability when you have more than one Transformers figure with that feature. ^^

More Transformers reviews coming up in the near future. ^^

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