Monday, February 16, 2009

Revoltech S.F.O. Chun-li

Unbelievably flexible and durable

For the support of Chun-li ^^

My first Revoltech turns out to be Chun-li from the Street Fighter Online (S.F.O.) sub-series. I always wanted Pocco, Yotsuba and Guren Lagann, but Chun-li is one of my favorites as well.

Street Fighter as you know it, is the famous video game series that has been running since the 80's. When I was still in my primary school days, Street Fighter was really hot. But games of such were of course banned, but my friends and I did had many stickers, game cards from the game circulating around anyway. That was how I got to know Chun-li, Ken and many interesting characters whom I never bother to know their names. XD

You see, we use nicknames for many of them instead, and I believe those who played the game when they are young did the same too. 苏联佬 ("Soviet Union Guy"), 兵头/扫把头 ("Trojan head/Broom Head"), 大猩猩 ("Gorilla"), 怪物 ("Monster"), Sumo etc, maybe you have some impression about who they are in the game right? ^^

Anyway, since my parents doesn't allow game consoles in our home, I only get to play Street Fighter using computer emulator when I was in secondary school - on Windows 98. XD Chun-li was of course my favorite player, but I always lost whenever I chose her as my player. XD Maybe I looked at her too much and didn't bother about the game at all XD

Back to this action figure, first impression: what small box it has! ^^

Very small box, smaller than that of a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit ^^

Content: Chun-li, attack effect part, and two pairs of option hands. Parts for the display base are behind the plastic tray.

The figure is quite small, about 10cm tall. The painting however, is absolutely fabulous.

Obviously no match when compared to those two XD

Chun-li's facial features, like her hair, eyes, eyebrows, and the makeup, as well as the golden stripes of her dress are all painted accurately and nicely. I was a bit skeptical about the painting quality in the first place, because it's an action figure, not figurine for display, painting might not be the point of emphasis by the company (Kaiyodo). Also, in regards to the price as well. I didn't expect (that) much for a 1,600-Yen Revoltech since the price for the main Yamaguchi line is 300 Yen more expensive, while the Fraulein line is over 2,000 Yen.

But Kaiyodo proved me wrong completely, which is something I'm totally happy about. ^^ Should have had more faith in Chun-li. ^^

Mounted on display base

First round of action poses are still a little stiff, since I didn't dare to try too hard on her ^^;

More "hardcore" poses are really too simple for Chun-li.

With attack effect part attached to the optional palm.

Like what I read on forums regarding Revoltech figures, "They won't break no matter how you play with them." That's quite true from my experience with this S.F.O. Chun-li. Twist and turn as much as you want until you work out the action pose you want, no problem at all, and Chun-li will stay in that pose for as long as you want her to do so too.

And if you can't get the joint to move in the right direction that you want, just pull it out to adjust as much as you want. Plug it back again and the figure would still be absolutely fine ^^

So far, I see no joint on Chun-li wearing out or starting to suffer that. All the joints are just as strong as new. Even the painting is tough. So far I see no part with the paint being scratched off at all. Since this is my first Revoltech, I'm more amazed about its durability than anyone else ^^

"How is that possible?" You may ask.

Revoltech's technology isn't new anymore, but it's still very exciting to see how it's being applied to new character ^^
Image from Organic-f Revoltech.

Like I said, you can pull the joints out if you want, no problem ^^
In this case, all the parts :D

12 Revoltech joints for Chun-li, plus another two for the display base.

Another awesome advantage of Revoltech Chun-li is the need for little space for display. Even when mounted on the display base, the whole figure doesn't take up much space on your desk (or anywhere), plus the capability of performing as many action poses you can think of make Revoltech Chun-li a really ideal display item. I have been seeing her every time I sit at my study since the day she arrived in my room. ^^ You must have seen her in the background of a few reviews previously, and you will continue to see her in the future. ^^

Not completely flawless, Revoltech Chun-li isn't good at standing without the help of the supporting stand. Her two little feet are not exactly capable of supporting the whole figure. ^^;

By the way, the best action figure of Chun-li so far for me is Medicom Toy's 1/6 scale RAH version, but her price (16,800 Yen = 10.5 boxes of Revoltech S.F.O. Ver.) is too far away from my reach. T___T But as long as it's not out of production, I will get her one day in the future ^^

Anyway, I'm very pleased with this smaller S.F.O. ver. ^^

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Revoltech S.F.O. Chun-li


MyKy said...

this blog is even more poisonous than your main... T___T

I feel like grabbing a Revoltech for my own too :p

Anonymous said...

Lol@ broom head. That's probably the only one I've also heard.

Ah...Revoltech joints. What makes it so special compared to Figma is the durability. If Figma, the joints do get loose after some time and may even break with certain force. Contrary, my revoltech stays at extreme pose with no signs of dropping.

Yay for Revoltech!

Q said...

Haha 掃把頭... I used to call him "the sonicBOOM guy" XD

I never knew what's special about Revoltech, so this is really something new to me. They surely sound much more durable than the Fraulein series. :o

madmoz said...

Eh? No spinning bird kick pose? :)
I grew up playing SF too, but these are too small for my likings.