Sunday, June 21, 2009

MG Destiny Part 14

Show me the bling! ^^ I

Ngee Khiong's status at the moment: half burnt out by his work, and has converted to his mechanical mode in blogging, thus no progress on Ex since writing up about his Gunpla can't be done so mechanically ^^;

Anyway, I've completed the assembly of MG Destiny at this point, and now it's time for rolling out the first part of the review.

Showing you the inner frame first:

The very "standardized" MG SEED Destiny-styled inner frame design for the arm ^^

The result as seen on the completed legs, be it the gold and silver hydraulic pipes, or the red interior of the thrusters are well worth the work and wait ^^

Without the armor on, the articulation range of the feet is much wider.

Adjusting the tab beneath the groin pushes the two pelvis joints out from the waist joint.

Desperate to try out the kneeling pose with just the lower body XD

Part 15 will be about the rest of MG Destiny's inner frame. ^^


G.G. said...

You did a really fine job there.

Although I still would suggest you to somehow paint the parts before you do all that nice detailing.

The inner frame looks too plastic, and is a big contrast between the little painted parts and the entire plastic feel.

Let's go NK, get an airbrush. =D

ed said...

with regards to G.G.'s comments. i think flat coating it will do the job. =)
that is if u want to show the inner frame yea. but i think u'd prolly cover all up in armor (which is a abit of a waste there)

whatever it is, nice to see the details painted this way, will try it out for my nxt MG. =D

Busterbeam said...

nice! you did a great job here! i admire what you've done.

AstrayP03 said...

Nice ^^

Anonymous said...

nice detail there....i built this model before & indeed its nice,with the wing and all but one thing really throws me off...i find the arms are a bit short..huhu...

Anonymous said...

How did you do it? With a brush and do it, its kind of hard for such small details.