Saturday, June 6, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi Part 4 [Final]

Dude, I still can't see your eye!

Wasted EX for quite a long period again ^^;


... finally assembled my BB Senshi Sangokuden Shibai-I Sazabi! ^^

Checked my archives and found out that Shibai-I Sazabi was actually the first Gunpla project I put up on Ex, but the separate reviews spanned over four months. ^^;

I think my speed in Gunpla-ing just turn from unbelievable to legendary. XD But in before your jaws drop for such a long delay, the little guy would probably chop me up into tiny tiny pieces the moment I finish building him ^^;

Anyway, being a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit, the final assembly is extremely easy.

All the parts for Shiba-I's basic form - most of them are done in Part 1 actually.

Applying the DIY eye made in Part 2 and 3. This one is the Gundam Marker version.

Shiba-I's basic form - the huge rear skirt armor makes him look a bit unbalanced unfortunately. ^^;

Another look at his name engraved on the heel.

Basic form 2 - helmet, backpack, shoulder armor and front skirt armor.

Plenty of references to the original Sazabi can be observed as well, just like any other BB Senshi Sangokuden models. The Mega Particle Cannon in the abdomen has been changed to a jewel. ^^

Armored form - weapons, shoulder armors and change of headpiece.

Shiba-I's weapons: the fan Kouyokusen(紅翼扇), the sword Shirogane no Kiba(銀の牙) and the combo, Gayoku no Taiken(牙翼の大剣).
Sounds cool, but in terms of the plamo, they are just made of a single piece part each...

... resulting in hollow behind the weapon ^^;
But fortunately, the design of the mold actually helped to reduce the awkwardness of the hollow. That's really a good thing.

The completed Shiba-I Sazabi.
And like the tag line, "Dude, I still can't see your eye!" ^^;

Hidden by the protruding front portion of the headpiece, Shiba-I's eye is totally shadowed when it's in the middle.
I don't believe I want to have him lying down all the time like this just to reveal his eye ^^;

Changing the eye to have the box art image. This one is the stick-on note paper version.

Some simple action poses.

Only one left hand, in "commanding" pose is included, so Shiba-I is only left with his right hand to wield any weapon.

But with the same polycap for the wrist, any other BB Senshi Sangokuden model can lend Shiba-I his left hand. ^^
This one is from Koumei ReGZ.
* The compatibility is another reason why it's better to leave all hand units unpainted. ^^

Dual-weapon Shiba-I also gives you...

.. hip-hop Koumei ReGZ XD

Face off of the legends: Char versus Amuro
Shiba-I versus Koumei; Sazabi versus ReGZ.

Comparing the two, Shibai-I is much bigger in size than Koumei ReGZ, many thanks to his huge helmet. But Koumei does have more gimmicks, like his transformable fan and a clear rod to mount it to his back. However, those special features cost Koumei 100 Yen more than Shiba-I, not to mention the awesome paint work required for it to look good. Shiba-I is a lot easily to paint since all his armors are in white.

Pros and cons between the two, there's really no distinction for which one's better than the other, pretty much like the rivalry between Char and Amuro in the Gundam Universe. ^^

But personally, I prefer Shiba-I anytime, even though he plays the villain in the world of Sangokuden. There's no BB Senshi Sazabi Ver. 2.0 like Nu Gundam has at the moment, so Shiba-I is no doubt the best design so far, just that it's in white.

For the more loyal representation of Sazabi, I got the partially-plated Giga Taifu version. ^^

Having plated parts and the others molded in glossy color, the price is double the original Shiba-I. ^^; Very little painting is recommended to preserve the plated and glossy quality of all the parts.

Saving the best to the last, I'll be keeping this kit in m inventory for a while before working on it, not to mention I just got one Shiba-I done right now ^^.

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Dumdeedum said...

Great job! But just to ask, you use sakura markers right? The ink doesn't seems to dry at all, a little help?

Q said...

Hahahaha "Legendary". Legendary indeed that I've forgotten that it's been over 4 months already o_O...

The helmet does prevent us from seeing its eye from time to time. Good to see you finally finishing it off ^^;; What are you planning to do next? I am thinking about either the 2 Zaku vs Type-61 sets or the G-3. See whether you can make a head start before me XD

G.G. said...

With your painting, inking skills and creativity, I really suggest you to invest in an airbrush (not sure if you have one already) to paint your kit. I am sure your skills can make them look even more awesome.

Chris said...

I really think Shiba-I Sazabi has the truest representation of the original MS compared to others in BB Sangokuden. Not to mention it helps that this is a mono eye MS so it doesn't have the comic-style eyeballs and also nothing too flashy, extra Sangokuden-design wise.

Legendary, huh? I took 7 months to complete Avalanche Exia so I guess I'm not too far behind too. :P

lol hip-hop Koumei.