Saturday, January 16, 2010

Humable Model God Gundam Hyper Mode Part 2 [Final]

Limited hot-bloodiness

"This hand of mine is burning red!" ^^

The limitations of God Gundam's joints mentioned yesterday are quite a toll to its action poses. While they are exactly the same as the ones used by Gundam RX-78-2, various parts on God Gundam limit the articulation range of the figure. The shoulder armors would collide with the wings of the backpack when you rotate them upwards, and the ankle guards really prevent him from posing much "on land" ^^;

So, I can't say God Gundam's action poses are as great as Gundam RX-78-2. The later does have the "benefit" of having less bulky parts on its body that would limit its articulation. Also, I believe mentality could be an issue as well. As an UC unit, the movement of Gundam RX-78-2 is confined within a limitation of mechanical logic, but since Banpresto's prize item version could move a lot more, the figure becomes extremely awesome. ^^ God Gundam on the other hand, belongs to the more "Super Robot" category of the Gundam Universe, and its articulation is extremely human-like in the TV series, so it becomes a disappointment when the figure doesn't move as well.

Also, after a while, I can feel that the joints of the wings on the backpack are somewhat loosening, especially the top two pieces which would slide downwards when I move the figure. And it doesn't help at all when the forearm guard would pop off sometimes when I'm adjusting the poses of the arm. ^^;

But on top of these weaknesses, some of God Gundam's poses turn out to be really cool, especially when a display stand is included. ^^ Some of the moves are able to show the moves from the anime, especially "Sekiha Tenkyoken" very well.

Too bad the chest panel doesn't come with the hatch open function to show the King of Hearts crest inside, else the pose would be perfect ^^;

A comparison with Gundam RX-78-2:

And that's why I said it's not exactly in 1/144 scale in Part 3. God Gundam (mecha setting: 16.6 meter) is taller and bigger than Gundam RX-78-2 (mecha setting: 18 meter) ^^;

Anyway, this Humable Model series from Banpresto is an extremely worthwhile Gundam action figure series to get in my opinion. It's much simpler as compared to Tamashii Nation's Robot Damashii series, but being a prize item set, it may be hard to find in certain places, so the price may not be pretty as well. The regular price in Japan is 1,450 Yen each (according to HLJ: Gundam RX-78-2, God Gundam), but if you do get to see them, I really recommend them. ^^

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neosonic said...

ngee, I painted my humable god gundam ... so at least it has 3 shades of gold now.. I follow the stand art hyper god gundam, which has 4 shades of gold on them... well.. I still can't find a copper gold that they use though...