Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excellent Model 1/8 Sheryl Nome

All hail the queen!

This is Megahouse's Excellent Model 1/8 Sheryl Nome, which I got some time end of last year, and is the most recent one among all the figurines and action figures reviewed so far.

I was thinking of getting this figurine when she was first announced quite some time ago, but I kept on pondering and pondering after the actual release and seeing that her status on local online stores was available back then, I thought there was still time and didn't make the actual move. Not until she was out of stock when I felt the loss, and quickly placed the order from a local hobby store. The wait was relatively short as compared to the other three figurines, I got the figurine from the store after the original owner forfeited the order.

This figurine of Sheryl Nome is the military costume version worn at her first concert on Frontier in episode 1, which was interrupted by the Vajra attack. She wears this costume again in her farewell concert on Frontier in Episode 7, during when S.M.S. launches the attack on the Vajra to rescue Galaxy. I like the later version more, because the entire concert syncs with S.M.S.'s attack very well.

In the second last episode when Frontier launches the attack on Vajra's home world, Sheryl wears the same costume, in a different color though. The song her performs in this militray costume is "Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late" (射手座☆午後九時Don't be late), which she always starts with the call, "Listen to my song!"

The "Galaxy Songstress" Sheryl Nome is my favorite character from "Macross Frontier". The first half of the anime reveals her to be very talented, in singing obviously and always being very confident of herself in everything she does, but can be very playful in front of Alto and his friends. I believe she enjoys being in the limelight and at focus of everyone's attention very much.

Because of her self-confidence, Sheryl isn't very honest in expressing her feelings most of the time. Being "seen through" is probably equals to defeat to her, which she never admits. Fans of "Lucky Star" can see this all the time on Kagami Hiiragi I guess. ^^ Both Sheryl and Kagami shares the same characteristic of not expressing their own feeling honestly in front of people, and often have no idea what to do when others guess it right.

That's "moe" I suppose. ^^

As a matter of fact, I think Klan Klein shares the same characteristics as Sheryl Nome. Very cool as the captain of her Queadluun-Rea squadron, but is pretty helpless in expressing her feelings to Michael, with the later probably even worse than her. ^^

In the second half of the anime, Sheryl demonstrates her great courage and perseverance in the face of losing various challenges like losing her fame to Ranka and her own illness. Her performance of "Diamond Crevasse" in the shelter to comfort terrified Frontier refugees was her greatest moment in the anime for me.

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

I must admit, I cry every time when it comes to this part in the episode (20).

Sheryl Nome is voiced by Aya Endo, who is the seiyuu of Takara Miyuki from "Lucky Star", a character I like very much. That's a bonus reason why I like Sheryl Nome as well. Sheryl Nome's singing voice however, is performed by May'n.

This figurine of Sheryl Nome is a very accurate replica of her in this military costume as seen from the anime. The cap can be removed, and the entire costume is removable as well, which will reveal her black bikini beneath. Two types of microphone - with and without cord are included. The display base is very exclusive as well - a clear base with Sheryl Nome's signature printed in gold.

The change of costume isn't completely cast-off actually. The arms come as separate components, and with that, there are different poses for the hand.

Of course, don't ask me how does the cast-off works. ^^; I never removed her from the box ever just as the other three figurines I got. ^^

An interesting "feature" about the figurine: ^^

The cuff of her military costume seems to be wrongly placed as shown on the back of the box. ^^ As compared to the right hand holding the microphone, the left cuff is upside down. Luckily the mistake isn't on the actual figurine inside the box. ^^

Also, revealed at the recent Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] and Mega Hobby Expo Winter Festival 2010, the red version is coming out as well.

Image is from this previous posting.

Summer release, 7,140 Yen (inclusive of tax), which is the exact same price as the blue version.

I like the blue version for the military costume, but I like the red version for the pink hair and pink bikini. ^^;

Pondering session already began. ^^;

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Unknown said...

I think you got the term "moe" and "tsundere" mixed up. congrats on your new PVC collection ;)

EZ8 said...

Feels good to be back, last time I checked your blog I think was in Dec.

And now seeing you have the Excellent Model Sheryl, I'm even more jealous lol

I had no idea a red ver. will be coming out. Originally I planned on getting one of the newest Ichiban Kuji figures (to go with my C.C.) but after seeing the latest colored pics, I think I much prefer the sculpt and simpler design of Excellent Model Sheryl in her more iconic captain outfit.