Thursday, March 11, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Soryu Asuka Langley Part 3 [Final]

Thanks for the Pallet Rifle

Let's see what Fraulein Asuka can do. ^^

I can't remember if Asuka ever wielded a rifle in the anime, but I suppose I must thank Kaiyodo for throwing it in with this figure, else, I'd have a lot of trouble figuring out how to pose Asuka, a situation very much like Figma Miyuki. ^^;

As with all the other Frauleins I have, the painting is superbly done. The Plug Suit is painted in glossy red, while Asuka's head and hair are not, so you get a very accurate figure of Asuka in her Plug Suit. The eyes are very nicely painted as well, even though that doesn't really assist in elaborating her rather dull expression. ^^; The Pallet Rifle has some sort of matte treatment to the paint, which is very cool.

The doll included is very nicely painted as well, but I don't see any other way to pose it other than to have Asuka holding it. Furthermore, the doll doesn't work well with Asuka in Plus Suit in my opinion. It would probably be more fitting if Asuka is in her signature yellow dress or a casual wear instead.

I prefer the monkey as seen in one of the last episodes more actually. ^^

Apart from the shoulder joint, I think color is huge factor in helping Asuka to look better than Yoko Movie Ver. in my opinion. With her entire body in Plug Suit, the split on the joints are not very obvious to be seen. For someone like me who are quite particular about seeing these mechanical joints being exposed on a figurines, that's definitely one way to hide the "unpleasant-looking" parts. ^^;

I must say, Asuka isn't exactly the most favorable item in the bargain I got for the set of three Revoltech Fraulein mentioned at the end of last month, but she turns out better than I expected really. The articulation and the details of the figure make up for the very few accessories included.

Ironically, I was disappointed when I had high hopes for Yoko; but I was deeply impressed with Asuka when I didn't expect much from her. ^^;

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