Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HGUC Geara Zulu Part 2

Simple but versatile

Done with my HGUC Geara Zulu. ^^

The model kit turns out way better than I expected really. ^^ Great articulation, many features and gimmicks plus a huge array of weapons to pose him with, which you will see in this posting.

The overall design is very awesome. It's such a moderate-looking MS, yet it has all the design elements of a Zeon MS. The proportion is just sleek: no large right shoulder armor with spikes like Zaku II; the skirt armor is longer; the thigh is thinner and the head is smaller. The last two elements are from Geara Doga, but a smaller backpack is adopted, hence making its connection closer to Zaku II. It's great to see that the fusion of all these design points is nicely realized on this kit. It really is a very cool-looking Zeon MS in my opinion. ^^

All the emblems are from foil stickers. Rub the sticker on top of the parts to trace the shape of the emblem so that a more realistic effect can be achieved.

Added numbering to the shield via dry transfer decal from MG Hi-Zack.

Comes with an option left spread palm, shaped just right to support the beam rifle.

There's a little tab beneath the head that you turn to adjust the mono eye camera part, but I find it rather troublesome to reach for the tab, so I'll just remove the helmet whenever I want to move the eye.

2 types of helmet included. Little blade antenna is really loyal to the design of Zeon MSs.

I split the front skirt armor in two. Not much done for treating the wound though - just painted the cut area with green marker.

The little grenade launcher can be separated from the rifle. Although its handle is short, you can actually pose Geara Zulu grabbing the launcher, which will then look more like a flare gun. ^^;
This weapon KO-ed a ReZEL in the OVA, so no kidding about it XD

A wide articulation range for the shoulder joint allows the left hand to support the rifle in different ways.

Looks just as great without the weapons and rifle magazines mounted.

The weapon rack and magazines. The hand grenade and beam tomahawk have designated locations on the rack.

More action poses made possible with a display stand.

Perfect kneeling pose.

Actually, I still prefer the conventional solid ax than this beam tomahawk. The feel is somewhat different even though they look similar.
But beam tomahawk is much easier to carry on the waist than Zaku II's Heat Hawk.

Comparison with HGUC Char's Zaku II (because I don't have the production type).

Different timeline, different designers, different mecha setting, a direct comparison is of course not applicable. Looking at the two, It's fairly easy to notice how Geara Zulu is being designed to look much closer to Federation MSs in terms of body proportion. The same can be said about Sinanju. The Red Comet we call him, but it doesn't look very similar to the other Red Comet - Sazabi except the red paint scheme. Proportion wise, it's closer to Unicorn Gundam than Sazabi in my opinion. ^^

Kshatriya is still a monster though. ^^


Evaritus Lau said...

Zaku-ish kit always has the better articulation ~

Those pipes are dark yellow ? It sure does need to gold it up for my liking. =)

neosonic said...

ouch... that wound is hurt.
Need to take care of yourself more than your kits man.

I cut my fingers when building my code geass model before. I chuck the model aside, cursing it, and take care of myself till it heals.. :p

Gilead said...

? he meant the wound of the plastic not an actual wound... nice job though!