Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Singapore Haul


All the items I bought from Singapore during my 10-day stay over there last week. Accept the first day and the last, I bought stuff almost everyday. The initial plan was more on sightseeing rather than getting any hobby related items, but after LEon, Dennis and Zaku999 brought me to the various hobby stores in Singapore, something exploded in my heart, and then many things flooded my luggage.

Got quite a lot of presents from Dennis and Zaku999 as well. Dennis and LEon were kind enough to show me around Singapore introducing to me where to get all the hobby stuff. And so I repay their kindness by contributing to Singapore's economy. XD Maybe 100 grams of the tar on a certain new road in Singapore, one or two bricks of a new school will come from the money I spent there. For that, I'll be very happy XD

Books from various bookstores in Bras Basah Complex.

Dozens (literally) of Copic Multiliner 0.05 from Art Friend, Bras Basah Complex.
At SGD $2.35 per pen, it's a great tool at a great deal I discovered from my previous trip there. ^^

Itazura Coin Bank from Action City, Iluma.

Gundam Cafe limited coaster, present from zaku999.
Will do another more detailed posting on this, but LEon has one posting about it already.

Various Gundam and non-Gundam brochures from Tokyo Toy Show 2010, presents from Zaku999. One of them is Gunpla Navigation Catalog 2010 mentioned on my main blog last Monday.

Gunpla tote bag, also from Zaku999.

BB Senshi Dendrobium from Hobby Art Gallery, Sunshine Plaza and M.S.G. (Magnetic Scout Gundam) gashapon from China Square Central.
Both items were bought during an outing with LEon and Zaku999.

Shunya Yamashita art book "Wild Flower" and "Black Lagoon" Vol. 9 English translation from Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann, Orchard Raod.

Various presents from Dennis, many which are limited Gundam stuff.
Got another Gunpla tote bag from Dennis as well. ^^

Gundam UC mouse pad.

The art book set "Anaheim Journal" that includes the main book "Anaheim Journal", a smaller book "Hello! Von Braun Visitor's Guide" and a poster of Dendrobium's prototype.

Fusion Work's Ultimate Operation Gundam Ez8 in normal color.
Dennis has one desert color ver.

1/144 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom, the furoku for Dengeki Hobby January 2004 issue.

Various items bought from Suntec City Mall and other places.

Nendoroid Haruhi from Robo Robo, Excelsior Building.
One of the my dream items fulfilled. ^^

DX K-Touch from Robo Robo, Excelsior Building.
At SGD $50, I call this one of the best buys from the entire trip. ^^

BB Senshi No. 278 Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta and BB Senshi No. 277 Younen Gunshi Ikazuchimaru from Rapid Culture, Funan DigitaLife Mall. These two are on my must-have Gunpla list for a very long time, almost thought they are going to be gone forever. ^^

HGUC Gundam RX-79[G] and some Gunpla paints from Hobby Point, Suntec City Mall.

More gashapon from China Square Central: Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V and MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7.

Boxless 7.5-inch tall action figure of Kane from a certain hobby store in China Square Central - the same store I bought M.S.G. (Magnetic Scout Gundam) gashapon mentioned above.
Too bad they don't have him in his earlier masked version. ^^;

This one you have seen before - RG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 from Hobby Art Gallery, Sunshine Plaza.
Was going to buy this but a few telephone call later and it turned into a free item from Zaku999. Thanks very much to him for that.

More stuff from my return trip to Orchard Road on another outing with LEon and Zaku999.

MegaHouse Character Studio Yzak Jule from Takashimaya's great sales at Ngee Ann. Super deal at SGD $5.
Another great deal I saw there was SGD $25 for Bandai's limited DX Tenkuu Gattai Saint Kaiser.

Two more Gundam Gashapon from a Hobby store in Orchard Road introduced by Zaku999, forgot the name already. ^^;
HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol. Gundam SEED Destiny and Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol. 3.

HGUC GP02A from OG at Albert Complex in Bugis Street.
Now my set of MG-HGUC-BB Senshi for GP02A is complete. ^^

Music CDs of 黄思婷 and Dadawa (朱哲琴) from Prajna Music at Bras Basah Complex.
I actually bought the first CD of 黄思婷 from the same store 5 years ago.

All the gashapon sets bought are in their complete set, which is the one of two reasons I bought so many this time. The other reason being their rarity - some of them being released years ago, it's almost impossible to get the complete set now. So I grabbed them even though I'm really into gashapon before they are totally extinct the next time I come back. ^^

Plenty of stuff accumulated from this trip and I was almost fined for excess weight of my luggage - 1.1kgs more but I was lucky to get away with it. ^^; I should sign up for a large baggage limit next time.

I think the greatest of all items I got from the trip would be those presents from Dennis and Zaku999, plus the outing experience with LEon and Benjamin, one of Zaku999's friends who is super pro in Gunpla-ing (Benjamin did a PG Sinanju that won Singapore BAKUC 2007 Open Category). To be able to meet up with people who only know me through my blog and so nice and helpful to me is an overwhelming experience I never expect at all prior to this trip. We talked about our hobby and collection and the blogging experience of each others. The overall vacation was so much fun and meaningful because of them. My most sincere thanks to all of them for the great hospitality.


Yu Xiang said...

Wow, you lucky guy, toy spree in Singapore? I rarely have the chance to visit Hobby Art Gallery even though I live in Singapore. XD. If I am not wrong, the tote bag and Gundam UC should be limited items from the screening of the move 'Gundam Unicorn, Episode 1' in Singapore. Zaku999 must have been ther too, I guess. Hobby Art Gallery is one of the best places to buy Gundams in Singapore. There, they have RX-78-2 version 2.0 G3 going for as cheap as 30 SIngapore dollars! If I am not wrong, Hobby Art Gallery sells GP02A's for less than 18 Singapore Dollars! Looks like you had a great time here, Mr Ngee Khiong! =D =D =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's really my pleasure bring you around and so glad that you have enjoy this trip and not to forget thx again for contributing to the economy of Singapore. Best of all, it's nice to see that you gotten some of those must have items. Excellent haul you got there.

ps: Don't forget to drop me a mail the again the next time you come to Singapore. Cheers!

LEon said...

Now I understand what you mean by you can't fit all that into the luggage. You bought that thick "Journey to the west"! That's already a killer. But it is rare so I understand. :)

Glad you enjoy your time here in Singapore. I have a great time catching up with you too. Hope you are more charge up now. LOL

L said...

I like the coin bank......... Any idea where to get one in North America people?

Anonymous said...

There is a hobby shop in Orchard? Where?

See To Yu Xiang said...

I mentioned it in my first post. Its called Hobby Art Gallery at Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen street, Waterloo street, Dhoby Gaut MRT. It is the top Gundam specializing store in Singapore. It have RX-78-2 G3's (MG) going for as low as 30 bucks. Email me at seeto@ymail.com if you have more queries regarding that shop. Hope you find the info. useful! =D =D =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu xiang, I am aware of HAG. I am talking about the one that NK said "Two more Gundam Gashapon from a Hobby store in Orchard Road introduced by Zaku999, forgot the name already. ^^", HAG does not sell gashapon. Thanks anyway!