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Revoltech Yotsuba Part 2 [Final]

Enjoy everything

More images of Revoltech Yotsuba after the introduction yesterday:

And a look at the articulation design of this Revoltech figure, which in my opinion, is a reflection on the early days of Kaiyodo's development on the Revoltech series, where a mixture of conventional joint designs and its own Revoltech joints is used on a figure, before implementing more and more of the latter like what we are getting today from this action figure series. ^^

Swivel joint for the shoulder ...

and hip ...

... as well as hinge joint for the knee are pretty limited in action.
Although I actually prefer them in this design because the look is actually much better as compared to if they use Revoltech joints instead.

The gaint default single-point Revoltech joint can be swapped with a smaller double-point variation for greater articulation for Yotsuba's waist.

Much wider bend to the front and to the back with the optional Revoltech joint for the waist.

Only 7 Revoltech joints are designed for Yotsuba - one for the neck, two for the elbow, one (plus one optional) for the waist and another two for the ankles. Also, non-Revoltech joints are used for important areas including the shoulder, hip and knee. It'd definitely different from most Revoltech releases nowadays (minus the Sci-fi Revoltech series since it has many non-humanoid figures that doesn't follow conventional joint design anyway), so while many of the joints are pretty limited in terms of their articulation range, as highlighted in the images above, the "not-so-Revoltech" feel on this figure does make it feel pretty unique, at least to me. ^^

On the other hand, while the articulation is limited, overall display for Yotsuba is pretty good because of the joint design. Swivel joints for the shoulder, hip and knee doesn't leave any awkward-looking emptiness in them, or protruding ball for the balls themselves as Revoltech joints would, which is definitely a plus point for this figure on my book. ^^

Adjusting Yotsuba to sit down is not exactly an easy thing to do. The hip joints are at their limit for this point I think. ^^;

Very simple but very tough peg joint for the wrist.
Sometimes it's easier to take off the entire forearm to swap the hand units instead of having to do so on the figure itself. ^^;

Ice-cream! ^^

While it's possible to adjust for a kneeling pose, the bend for the right leg is pretty "inhuman" I would say ^^;

"What did you say about my knee?!"

Yotsuba Kick!

Like a boss!

"This pew-pew thing is no fun."

"Here's a better one!"

"Anything to say about my knee now?"

The long rifle is from Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver., if you don't know that already. ^^

Comparison with Yoko and another Fraulein figure, Mari Illustrious Makinami.

All hail the swivel-joint-for-shoulder bunch from Revoltech! XD

Very nice little figure from Revoltech. To color, overall design, proportion, joint and accessories are very simple-looking, but just nice to capture the cheerfulness of the little girl. The huge smile is a very encouraging image to see, and its simplicity definitely reminds one to treasure all the little things in life and enjoy them to the fullest, everyday. ^^

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