Thursday, September 29, 2011

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 4

Unsteady hands

Time for highly "ceremonial" portion of the work on MG Sinanju Ver. Ka - painting the golden emblems on all the black parts completed in Part 3. ^^

As mentioned in Part 2, I don't have any spray can gold prepared for this kit, so I'll have to depend on hand painting to get the job done. For that, I'm not aiming for 100 percent accuracy for all the details, since the work to bring out all the details can wait till the next posting. ^^

Bottle paint, paint brush and thinner.

(Left) Color used is Mr. Metal Color 219 Brass, which was the same bottle painted used for the hand painted parts on MG Shin Musha Gundam.
(Right) The main paint brush to be used is Tamiya Modeling Brush fine type.

Starting with all the vent parts that don't require any delicate maneuvering whatsoever. ^^

Since they are pinned on the paper board, all the parts can be painted with ease.
Just have to make sure that all the corners are covered. ^^

Moving on to all the black parts with emblems. ^^

All painted. ^^
As mentioned earlier on, little care was taken to avoid spilling the golden paint onto the black area, since there's this constant reminder in my mind that the paint work would be refined in the next part of the work. ^^;

The curvy lines on the red bottom part of the shield are also painted using the same bottle paint and method. ^^

Being a bit adventurous there to try out how the shield would look like when it's completed. ^^

All the parts are placed inside paper boxes to let the paint dry before the next round of detailing. ^^

The most significant feature of this MS is slowly coming to form, but I'm not celebrating yet, not until all the details are refined in the next posting. ^^

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