Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Toys Resident Evil: Afterlife 1/6 Alice Get

Alice is here, but I'm in Wonderland

A highly anticipated pre-ordered item just arrived yesterday. ^^

Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Alice from "Resident Evil: Afterlife". ^^

The 4th "version" of Alice, played by Milla Jovovich in "Afterlife" is my favorite from the entire "Resident Evil" movie series. ^^ Very heavily armed (she carries a lot more weapons as compared to the previous three movies), she stayed clean and beautiful the whole time in the movie ^^ (as compared to her really rugged look in "Extinction"), and her outfit is somewhat more normal-looking (as compared to the "punk warrior"-look in "Apocalypse"). The movie has perhaps the worst story among the four, in my opinion, but I can separate that from the character design. ^^

For this Hot Toys figure, there's a small piece of plastic sheet placed on top of the face for protection, which unfortunately prevents a clearer look at the same time. ^^; With quite a bit of work-related matters waiting for me to complete at the moment, I don't feel like opening the box to enjoy the figure right now. ^^;

Speaking of which, I didn't even open Jill Valentine (Battle Suit Ver) from "Biohazard 5" yet. ^^;

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