Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kotobukiya's MSG MW-26 Dynamic Chain Saw Part 1

Still in the mood for more weapons

Moving on to a little bit of plamo building after the review of Sci-fi Revoltech Jason Voorhees. ^^ Apart from being pretty special on its own, the model kit selected this time is somewhat related to Jason as well. ^^

As if the weapons included for Sci-fi Revoltech Jason Voorhees aren't enough, here's one to add to that list: ^^ this is M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) Weapon Unit MW-26 Dynamic Chain from Kotobukiya. While a chain saw isn't in Jason's arsenal - it's too loud for a stalker I suppose, ^^; it's the weapon of choice for his equally ugly monster killer counterpart from another teen slasher-type movie franchise: Leatherface from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" franchise. I often look at the two as very similar characters because of their identical character traits, including their physical deformities, antisocial and psychopathic behavior, terrible brute force, the penchant for wearing masks, and of course the trail of massacre and destruction left in their wake in each of their movies. There's no Sci-fi Revoltech figure of Leatherface at the moment, although I'm hoping to see one in the future. ^^ It would be a great figure to make use of this M.S.G. weapon, even though it's meant more for mecha-type model kits. Since the character's crazy, giving him a crazy weapon doesn't go off tangent I suppose. XD

On the other hand, staying true to the spirit of bringing back collectible series that are absent on this blog for a long time, as demonstrated in the past few reviews, it's fun and refreshing to me to be working on the third M.S.G. Weapon Unit in my collection, after MW-20 Gatling Gun and MW-28 Impact Edge. ^^ Released in April 2012 alongside MW-27 Impact Knuckle and MW-28 Impact Edge, Dynamic Chain Saw's mechanical design is very different from those two weapons. Instead of old-school spring and trigger action, Dynamic Chain Saw features a wind-up motor to move the cutting chain. It's actually more connected to MW-20 Gatling Gun in that sense, as compared to MW-27 Impact Knuckle and MW-28 Impact Edge. ^^

Frankly, the cutting chain's gimmick doesn't impress me too much at first actually, mainly because it's enabled by the same wind-up motor part I already experienced through MW-20 Gatling Gun. The design element that intrigued me the most about it is all the individual chain pieces that come molded in silver, which rule out a huge chunk of paint work required for this kit. ^^ While it's no big deal for most other model kits, having a different molded color than gray is pretty significant in this M.S.G. Weapon Unit series. Besides MW-25 Saber & Hammer, Dynamic Chain Saw is the only other kit so far in the series that feature runners molded in different colors. ^^ Getting to assemble all the individual cutting chain pieces (40 per kit) but not needing to paint them one by one is a reason good enough to me to pick this item up. ^^ Not one, but a pair actually, since I would like to see if it's possible to have a combined chain saw when more than one unit is involved. ^^

Rear view of the package.

Content (a single set).

All six runners for Dynamic Chain Saw (a single set).
Unlike MW-28 Impact Edge, there's no alpabet labelling for any of the runners. The part count is too low to require labelling for the runners.

The gaps on the body are molded nicely and can be seen very clearly.

(Left) The same type of cap as seen on MW-20 Gatling Gun to cover up the wind-up motor part's button.
(Right) Large part with some pretty elaborate mechanical details on the surface for the engine component.

(Left) The gear disc to turn the cutting chain when the kit is assembled.
(Right) Two spare chain pieces included.

The entire cutting chain is formed by repeating the connection of two different chain parts (part numbers 15 and 16), with 20 pieces for each type.

Comparison between the two types of chain pieces.

Unlike MW-20 Gatling Gun and MW-28 Impact Edge, the assembly instructions fit entirely on the back of the backdrop, leaving the front blank and almost pointless. ^^

The assembly instructions.

Working on both sets of Dynamic Chain Saw that I have in one go. ^^

Four spare chain pieces (a pair for each set).

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.
Not necessary for a single set I suppose, but the double part count from working on a pair of this weapon unit makes it safer to have a more organized method to differentiate between the parts. ^^

Proper organization is definitely required for the two types of chain pieces since they look extremely close to one another. ^^

Currently repeating the process of trimming off all the excess gates from the removed parts. Will be starting on detailing some of the parts next. ^^

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