Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lego Creator No. 31010 Tree House Part 3

Gimmicks for diorama

More images of the just completed main model of Lego Creator No. 31010 Tree House: ^^

Closeups on the details:

Some of the unique features, and gimmicks of the tree house:

The overall height of the model (measured till the tip of the flag pole) is 18cm.

Posing the minifigure using the hooked winch to get some supplies from the bottom of the house.

Retrieving the treasure map.

Enjoying the view from inside the playhouse.

The walkie-talkie can be stored inside the yellow container inside the playhouse. There's sufficient room to show the pizza inside the house as well.

Talking to frog? XD

Posing the minifigure climbing the ladder using both hands.

Given the tiny size of the minifigure, it can "stand" very firmly even with just one hand clipping to the ladder. ^^

The universal gripper design of the figure's hand allows it to hold on to the hook. ^^
Don't try this at home. XD

The figure can be posed standing on top the tree house while holding the flag pole as well.
Don't try this at home either. XD

Just for the fun of it, height comparison between the tree house and Master Grade Impulse Gundam. ^^

Much like the last Lego model reviewed (No. 9391 Tracked Crane from the Technic series), Tree House is pretty simple to build, but very fun to play with. ^^ Its simplicity in assembly is largely due to its low part count, but I also feel that the colorfulness of the parts is mighty helpful in allowing the needed parts to be identified, and picked out more easily. ^^ It's certainly more colorful than Tracked Crane. ^^ With that said, the rich colors of the completed model certainly make it a real treat to look at. ^^ In before playing with its gimmicks, the combination of light green and blue parts for the ground, green and brown parts for the trees, plus white and red parts for the house is already quite an impressive point of this Lego set. ^^ It's too big as a desktop display though, as I hoped for in Part 1. ^^;

The gimmicks of Tree House are pretty unique in my opinion. ^^ While the expandable ladder, hooked winch, tiltable red bucket, and tree base storage spot for the treasure maps are the main gimmicks of the main model, as shown on its box, there are many other features which I feel are equally impressive, even though they are simpler in execution. The highly movable minifigure (as a Lego model) is very interesting, but its ability to interact with various objects from the main model is more fun. ^^ When combined with the playhouse and its environment, poses showing the figure holding the walkie-talkie beside the trolley, or pushing it alongside his dog, or standing inside the house, or climbing the ladder create different diorama scenes for the main model. I almost hope that I have other minifigures with different designs (and perhaps expressions ^^) to show a variety of activities happening around the house. One figure can be shown winching a bucket of supplies from below the tree house, while another figure is climbing up the ladder, waving at its friend who is standing on top of the house at the same time. ^^ I think the image would be more interesting, and perhaps amusing in certain scenarios. ^^

Will try out the first alternate model of this set, a lakeside hut in the future. ^^

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