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Hot Toys 1/6 Alice Part 6

Not following the instructions

A look at Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Alice from "Resident Evil: Afterlife" and her winter coat after the previous posting. ^^

The standard display base notwithstanding, the winter coat is easily the largest single-component accessory in this Hot Toys set. ^^

More images of the winter coat:

Closeups on the details:

Like everything else designed for this Hot Toys figure, the winter coat is a very realistic representation of a winter coat - its fabric material is so thick the coat can stand firmly on its own. XD

Features of the winter coat:

(Left) The two fur-wrap collar halves are connected by a functional snap fastener, which is made of plastic I think, even though they are so tiny they may as well look like metal pieces. ^^
(Right) The left half has a snap fastener beneath it to secure the entire fur-wrap collar's position on top the coat.

The front opening is fastened using three snap fasteners.
Interestingly, the buttons that are visible in front of the coat are all fake. ^^ The three actual functional ones are hidden beneath the placket.

The strap wrapped around the cuff is secured using a snap fastener as well.
I'm not too sure why this feature is necessary though, since the cuff is fixed in size and the strap doesn't seem to have any actual function other than being a decorative piece.

All the pocket buttons are sewn shut. ^^;

The belt features a functional buckle.

The interior of the winter coat.

A full view of the fur-wrap collar.

Getting Alice to wear the winter coat is no simple business. ^^;

According to the instruction sheet, the entire faux leather weapon holsters with belt needs to be removed first.

Based on my earlier attempt, the winter coat can be equipped onto the figure without removing the weapon holsters, but all five weapons mounted on it must be removed.

There's no mentioning of removing the arm warmers in the instruction sheet, but as they would be difficult to adjust inside the winter coat's sleeves, which in turn may hinder the elbows' movement, having them removed would make subsequent steps a lot easier.

With both arm warmers removed.

Based on my experience equipping the shoulder holsters onto Video Game Masterpiece 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver., bending the arms backward first would ease the wearing of the winter coat a lot easier later. ^^

The three snap fasteners in front of the coat and the belt are loosened.

The sleeves of the coat are slid onto both of Alice's arms in one go. ^^

In front, the coat is pulled tighter as the arms are bent forward.

(Left) The right collar is tucked as close to its left side as possible, before ...
(Right) ... the top most snap fastener of the front opening is pressed in place.

(Left) The snap fastener of the left collar is pressed in place on top of the previous button, ...
(Right) ... followed by the right collar which is fastened on top the left collar's button.

The remaining two snap fasteners of the coat can be secured in place.

The belt buckle can be used to tighten and secure the belt's wrap around the waist.

The belt's tail is simply tucked behind the coat for a lack of proper end point. ^^;

The hands are reattached to their respective wrist joints.

All done for Alice's winter coat "form change" XD

Since the faux leather weapon holsters with belt is now hidden beneath the winter coat, there's no way for Alice to be walking around carrying all of her weapons now. ^^;

Instead of using the belt buckle to fasten the belt properly, it should just be tied in a "makeshift" fashion just like its default out-of-box setting. Unfortunately, I forgot to pay attention to how that knot was made after releasing it the first time. ^^; As a result of the "proper" fastening of the belt, the winter coat seems like it was part of Alice's wardrobe all this while. ^^

More images of Alice in winter coat:

Closeups on the details:






I really do like this winter coat look of Alice. ^^ Since it covers up the entire body suit, it's very much a completely different look for the figure. ^^ Even though I remember the coat being a little bigger and much looser in the movie, I like the design of this action figure version as its tight fit doesn't distort the figure's silhouette. The only downside to the look is the need to discard all of her mounted weapons, which is again pretty accurate to the movie depiction I suppose, although Alice did pull out her Smith & Wesson Model 460V with 5" Barrel revolvers from beneath the coat in Alaska when she was looking for Claire. The tight fit of the coat when it was first designed for the figure prevented that feature I suppose.

Some action poses from Alice with her winter coat on coming up in the next posting. ^^

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