Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Soryu Asuka Langley Part 2

A very content Asuka

Revoltech Fraulein Asuka out of the box. ^^

I'm not very sure how to describe Asuka's profile actually. ^^; Her face is definitely much chubbier than as shown in the anime, but it's not too far apart. The usual self-assured and playful look is nowhere on be found on this Fraulein Asuka, but instead, there's a very content look, with a somewhat melancholic smile on her.

Then again, I won't say the design is bad. The much larger Real Action Hero (RAH) version of Asuka from Medicom Toy has just about the same expression design in my opinion.

Maybe a little bit more happier looking than the Fraulein version. ^^
Image is from Hobby Search.

Not very sure how to pose her to look "natural" with such expression on her face really. An additional face part if included would provide an option to that.

The display stand and the accessories.

Action poses in the next review. ^^

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