Monday, January 17, 2011

Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver.

Not so clear type of clear

Up next in the review series of 1/100 Gundam Exia would be its action poses on a display stand. Initially, I was thinking of using the generic Action Base 1 Black, but I remembered there was a Celestial Being version of the display base being released, which would be more fitting for Gundam Exia. ^^ Apart from Gundam Exia, I do have Gundam Dynames, Gundam Kyrios, Gundam Virtue and a few other 1/100 scale Gunplas from "Gundam Double O" that can use that display base when they are assembled, so it would be good to have at least one. ^^

For your information, the Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver. is 150 Yen more expensive than the regular version.

First released back in December 2008, corresponding to 1/100 O Raiser and the special 00 Raiser set, which was bundled with this display stand in clear green.

Package content.

The most important element in the set: the display base that is molded based on the Celestial Beings' crest.

The words around the center piece of the crest state, "The Celestial Being are in possession of Mobile Weapon Gundam".

Comparison with Action Base 1 Black.

The stand from Action Base 1 can be used directly on the Celestial Beings base. ^^
You can get a totally white display base if you have Action Base 1 White. ^^

Clear runners for the stand, which are totally the same as the other versions of Action Base 1.

Somewhat yellowish clear color for runners containing parts for the main stand, which is different from another one of the three (the one shown on the right in the image above).
I prefer the clear color of the stand to be ... clearer XD

Unused parts that are included.

The supporting arm.

The main stand

Connecting the two components assembled earlier and the whole thing is done. ^^

Connectors of different sizes.

The completed base.

Color variation between the actual stand and the one shown on the package cover. ^^;

With 1/100 Gundam Exia.

I like the design of the Celestial Beings base very much - it's probably the only reason I bought the set in the first place. ^^ The crest is a beautiful design to start off with in my opinion, so having it as a large display base that can be used by assembled models is a really cool thing. ^^

The weakness of the base is the lack of flexibility for the stand. Unlike the regular version, there's no extra slot for the supporting arm on the base, so its position is fixed and the configuration for the arm is limited. Going on from this point, due to the design of the base, it's of course not linkable with other action base from Bandai. This is understandable as you don't want too many holes on the Celestial Beings' crest (the base) and why would you need to link it with other display base anyway. ^^ It's the same "feature" on Action Base 1 Zeon and EFSF ver where some functionality of the base is omitted to preserve the wholeness of the crest their designs are based upon.

Back to 1/100 Gundam Exia next. ^^


Anonymous said...

Will the base be getting a bit more colourful soon? :)

Q said...

Will you plan to colour the Celestial Being crest or just leave it white?

I have thought about getting this one before (among many other things XD), though I won't mind getting the GN glittering green one if it ever gets to be sold separately rather than bundled with 1/100 00 Gundam :o

Anon said...

Hmm...I have this, and the words on the symbol are in Japanese. Never really knew what they were till now :P Also, for mine, the clear colour is clean, so you may have got unlucky and got a slightly defective version.