Sunday, January 2, 2011

BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam Part 2

Going random

2011 already. ^^ Started on BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam with panel-lining and painting a few parts, very random really. ^^

Painted white on the back of the hands using Gundam Marker White. One or two more layers of paint are required to hide the black base color.

Plenty of places here and there to be painted for the body parts.

Gray for the collar, Vulcans, neck and the smaller front portion of the chest vents. Yellow for the 'V' on the chest.

Re-panel-lined the various parts.

White for the bars on the shoulder armors.

White for the wing binders of the Force Silhouette.

Gray for the thrusters beneath the feet and black for the square areas around the them.

Having Gundam Marker SEED Destiny Vol. 1 set is very convenience for the work, since all the colors required are included, except Gray.


lifesquasher said...

I was wondering NK, how could you paint those parts with a very high precision? Do you use combination of masking tape or you just scratck excess paint?
I'm currently trying to paint akatsuki, which need extra caution, as the gold coating turn silver when I remove the paint, hence I cannot use the alcohol swab move ^^;

Q said...

I am always impressed at how even you paint the white with the Gundam marker. I still need a lot of practice on that, especially for my upcoming GN Sword IV kit for my 00Q orz