Saturday, January 8, 2011

BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam Part 5

Foiling the foil stickers

Moving on to the work of refining a few previously done parts and several other remaining ones for BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam.

Light blue from Gundam Marker Gundam SEED Destiny Set Vol. 1 for the edge of the pilot cockpit.
Added black (normal marker) for the chest vents as well.

White for the bottom half of the red waist part.

Gray for all the thrusters, including the thin long ones on the wing binders.

Black for the interior of the hollow part behind the wing binders.
Done by dripping black marking ink into the space
using toothpick, very much like how the interior of 1/100 Astray Red Frame's knee armor was painted.

Spilled black ink on the white bars is scratched off using snap knife, but some white paint previously done on them is taken off as well unfortunately.
Repainted with Gundam Marker.

Red for the main thrusters of the Force Silhouette. The interior of all the thrusters and the wall in between the side and middle ones are done using toothpick.

No need for safety feature for me. ^^ The toothbrush tips on the edge of the wings are chipped off.

Foil stickers are included for all the red portion of the wings, so I'm going to omit painting on these parts.
Very good. ^^

Small protruding bits on the foil stickers to wrap onto the edges of the wings.
This is a potentially troublesome feature as small bits of foil sticker don't stick well on the parts, based on past experience. ^^;
It won't be good to look at when they start to peel off and are dangling on the edges. ^^;

I'm avoiding the potential weakness of the foil sticker by painting the edges of the wings myself.
The tips of the foil stickers will be cut off before assembly. The empty area will show the red paint and appear to be entirely in red. ^^

Almost done for this kit. Moving on the head in the next posting. ^^


Chris said...

Wise choice for cutting the edges of the foil sticker and replacing with paint. My own SD Impulse has that problem too.

chinjet said...

hello~i apreciate you because yr hand can stedi on thoose painting.y don't you made sd strike by that i can refer on you..haha^^