Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine Preview


It's freaking awesome! O_O

The biggest surprise for me is how the mask is connected via magnet to the option head unit with Rhodey (Don Cheadle)'s face sculpt. It's just hanging there with no joint to support it whatsoever. ^^ The only other action figure in my collection with similar function is Yamato's 1/60 Complete Transformation SV-51γ Nora's Unit. It's absolutely fantastic to see another figure with such design feature. ^^

Best of all (apart from just how detailed and authentic the face sculpt is), that particular option head unit is not just for show, the mask can be lowered to cover Rhodey's face completely, and the proportions and details are as equally accurate and impressive as the version with irremovable mask. The only catch is no LED lighting gimmick.

Just a single component and there's so much awesome stuff to talk about, just wait till I move on to that large machine cannon over its shoulder. ^^

On the other hand, I haven't open up Jill Valentine (Battle Suit Ver), the other Hot Toys figure that came in the same time as War Machine as revealed last Sunday. The beauty of the suit and the different materials used for it will be topics enough for 10 separate postings maybe XD

In the mean time, a bit of preview of another version of Hot Toys' 1/6 Jill Valentine in my collection, who was somewhat revealed in the preview posting of another large scale action figure in November last year. ^^

Never played the game - any version of it, but that doesn't stop me from liking Jill anyway. ^^


Otaku Surf said...

Nice to see you getting into some Hot Toys! I went with them after I got burnt out on Gundam.

Anyways, War Machine looks awesome! One of many Hot Toys I want to get in the future.

MARTIN said...

Very impressive Mk.IIa War Machine!