Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second Hot Toys Action Figure Get

And then the third one too

In the craze of buying stuff and more stuff as of lately. ^^; Usually I'm able to make a clear cut when I reach my monthly budget limit for hobby stuff, but when the offer for this guy (re)surfaced, I just had to go beyond the limiter to grab it before this turns into another case of miss-it-search-for-three-years type of deals for me, which I talked about plenty of times for quite a few items in the past. ^^;

Luckily my wallet won't blow up like how those Zudahs would as seen in "MS IgLoo" ^^;

It's still a crazily hot item among the collectors, and the bidding for it among private sellers and collectors can be really jaw-dropping, or perhaps better terms wallet-smashing, heart-wrenching, logic-defying to really follow through. To each others' happiness and satisfaction I supposed. I couldn't agree to a much higher offer price from a private collector for this fella quite some time ago, so I chose to take my chances by waiting for a possible reissue (and almost missed it again ^^;). Now that I got it, I'm very happy to finally owning it. I'm also glad that I got it at a regular market rate, minus the shipping that is, since I opted for a more expensive but faster delivery service for it.

Still, as happy as I could possibly be when I got it: Hot Toys 1/6 action figure War Machine from "Iron Man 2". ^^

The answer to the triple question marks last Friday. ^^

Awesomeness at the most epic level. ^^

As if that's not epic enough, another Hot Toys 1/6 action figure I pre-ordered quite some time ago - Jill Valentine (Battle Suit Ver) from "Biohazard 5" came in at the same time as well ^^

Oh yeah~ ^o^


Chris said...

Erg...I was so wrong (what I guessed)...

MARTIN said...
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MARTIN said...

I like your style Ngee, but the Mk.ii was always my choice for Iron Man armours!