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BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam Part 8

Three clear green parts, tons of application

After the completion of Koumei Nu Gundam with all his armors in the previous posting, this chapter in the review series will focus on three parts from the kit.

Yes, just *three* parts. ^^

Three clear green parts for the display base.

The "default" form of the display base. Note the connector on the stand is in a upward facing position.
In this form, the base is really just meant for Koumei Nu Gundam's two dragon configurations. ^^;

Conveniently, there is a pair of peg and slot beside the ones used for the default form to display the stand in a different angle.

While it looks just like the default form, note the connector is now in a 45-degree forward facing position.

The connector pegs into a dedicated slot on the rear skirt armor of Koumei Nu Gundam.

Koumei Nu Gundam on his clear green stand. ^^

Given the connector's position on the stand, Koumei Nu Gundam will constantly be in this tilted position when displayed with this display stand. ^^;

When separated, all the pegs and slots on the three clear parts are mighty useful to show off Koumei Nu Gundam's weapon gimmicks. ^^

The stand part can be used as a "link" between the "Fin Funnels" and the backpack.

Koumei Nu Gundam shown with his "Fin Funnels" launched. ^^

Using different pairs of pegs and slots to connect the green stand part to the backpack and "Fin Funnels", the latter can be shown in a forward attack position.

A different display method for Koumei Nu Gundam and his "Fin Funnels".

The two base parts can be pegged onto one of "Fin Funnels" to form wings.

(Left) The wings look fine, but the protruding pegs in the middle don't look that great unfortunately. ^^;
(Right) The slot for the display stand on the rear skirt armor can be used to hold the winged "Fin Funnel". ^^

Like this. ^^

An alternate winged form for Koumei Nu Gundam. ^^

(Left) The removable red hilt of 宝扇剣 is quite a versatile part as well. ^^
(Right) The easiest application of the red hilt is connecting the sword to the peg on left forearm armor.

宝扇剣 now looks like some sort of magic weapon that extended out from the forearm armor. ^^

The red hilt can be shown as some kind of forearm cannon as well. ^^

The stand part attached with 龍焔刀 can be peg into the red hilt to show some sort of weapon launching effect.

The length of the overall extension is very impressive, but I imagine it being quite a nuisance if you're having tight space on your shelves to display the model. ^^;

宝扇剣 can be attached to the same slot on the other side of the stand to show off a double weapon launch effect. ^^

The weight of two swords and a stand is too much for the shoulder joint, which is well expected. ^^; Luckily, Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type is here to help.

Even without any transformation at this stage, there's certainly a lot of fun to be had with the weapons and clear green parts. ^^ I mentioned that the image of Nu Gundam is clearly shown on the armored form of Koumei Nu Gundam. With the effect part, that image is reinforced I think, especially through the "Fin Funnels", since they can shown as actual weapon now, and not merely decorative parts put onto the model just for show. ^^

On that note, I would think that the red hilt part on the left forearm armor as a cannon is maybe a subtle homage to Hi-Nu Gundam's design of having a forearm machine cannon, even though it was on the right forearm. ^^

Before moving on to his first form change, here's a comparison of Koumei Nu Gundam with his previous form, Koumei ReGZ.

With the Nu Gundam type face mask on Koumei ReGZ.

The connection is very clear between the two, even though there's not a single shade of blue on Koumei Nu Gundam. ^^ It's a brilliant design really, with the same character in the BB Senshi Sangokuden world representing two different MSs in the Gundam universe that virtually have no connection with one another at all.

In the story, Koumei ReGZ gains his new form by removing the seal (his ventless face mask) he placed upon himself, so this Nu Gundam form can be seen as the character's evolved version. Comparing the two models, you can kind of speculate how some of the parts transform. The two protruding spikes with the gold stripes at the edge of Koumei ReGZ's forehead might "emerged" to form the new V-Fin, and the two blue stripes with dragon patterns might rose to form the golden segments on the shoulder armors. ^^ Even though the shapeshift has very heavy magical element to it, there're design elements that can be linked from the older form to this new version, and like I said, it's a truly brilliant design, and I really like it. ^^

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