Sunday, March 1, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ Part 4 [Final]

I'm not ReGZ!

Assembling BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ! ^^

Don't want to split up the final review, so all 42 selected photos for this posting to slow your Internet connection XD

All the parts for the basic form - only a few of them and the polycaps were not painted.

Applying the sticker to the eyes ^^
Use your finger to rub the sticker onto the part instead of any tool to avoid any ugly mark and scratch.

Completed. ^^
You can see the color of the head and the shoulder is different from the other parts painted in white.

Comes with a different fist for the left hand, but with such awkward right hand, I don't have many ideas on how to pose him ^^;

Love the name on the heel.

Comparison with BB Senshi No. 200 Gundam RX-78-2. Smaller head and bigger body for the BB Senshi Sangokuden series.

Parts for the helmet and armors.
Koumei only has armors for the shoulder and forearm.

Before continue, some work needed for the forearm armors.
Use an art knife to slice off bits of the insertion points, so that it won't hurt the painting on the actual model.

It's easier to attach the armors to the arms by detaching them from the model first.

Koumei's magic fan/falcon XD

Foil sticker for the bamboo scroll. Press the sticker hard onto the part so that the lines on the scroll are more visible.

Koumei Full Arms mode? XD

Details of the body.

Part swapping for the face to change between ReGZ and Nu Gundam.

Ugly scratches on the handle of the fan - rubbed off by the model's right hand >_<

Clear rod for mounting the falcon to Koumei's backpack. Bend gently to avoid breaking the rod.

The fan/falcon can be mounted to the backpack (without the rod) as well.

Some "nice" references to ReGZ from Char's Counterattack XD

Looking at the finished model, I must say that all the trouble in painting it is totally worthwhile. Looking back, I don't think I want to have it any other way really ^^

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CAznable said...

You don't seem to mention masking... how do u prevent paint form spilling over the areas u need to paint? i have a lot of trouble with gold going over the bump...

KazeTora said...

Yeah, NK, same question, do you use masking?

Btw, awesome paint job, dude... I'm currently doing my Zhang He Zaku III, but when I did the Koumei, I have so much trouble finding the correct paint for the blue armor.

Ngee Khiong said...

>>CAznable, KazeTora

No, I don't use masking tape (at all) for Koumei.

I used Gundam Marker for larger areas like the white parts, gold for the helmet shoulder armors etc. for more delicate parts like the dragons, I used marker with fine tip.

Also, spill over color is unavoidable. I planned the colors to "eat" each other out - usually the large area painted first, then the smaller one, so that the color on top can cover the color beneath it.

Mentioned this is more long-winded manner in previous reviews ^^