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BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam Part 11 [Final]

Now this is more like a dragon

The last posting of the review on BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam already. ^^

The focus this time will be the Dragon Phoenix form (龍凰形態) configuration, which is the transformation of Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam into a mighty dragon. ^^

Again, like the Tenshouryu form shown in the previous posting, the transformation is very simple, with most of the steps being adjustments to Bakuousen (爆凰扇) to fit onto Koumei Nu Gundam's 伏龍飛翔形態. ^^

Separated components for Koumei Nu Gundam and Bakuousen for the transformation.

The upper segment of Bakuousen's neck is separated from the base.
The polygonal connector and slot between the two components are very obvious clues to how the final adjustments are going to be I suppose. ^^

Repetition of Koumei Nu Gundam's 伏龍飛翔形態 transformation to get the main body component ready.

The phoenix head is folded downward, which reveals a slot on the back of the neck. The connector from the "Fin Funnel" part holding the dragon head is pegged into that slot, ...

... forming the Dragon Phoenix form's head.

The forehead connector is used to hold the Dragon Phoenix form's head.

The two tail segments of Bakuousen are closed up.

The phoenix legs are tilted backward.

The other "Fin Funnel" part that holds the handle of 宝扇剣 connects to the bottom of Bakuousen's tail unit via two peg joints.

The polygonal connector beneath Bakuousen's neck is used to link what's now the lower body of the Dragon Phoenix form to the rear skirt armor.

And the Dragon Phoenix form emerges. ^^

Overall length of the whole beast is over 30cm now. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Taking advantage of the wide forward-backward articulation point of Bakuousen, which has now becomes the waist joint (if you believe that ^^) of this Dragon Phoenix form, the lower body can be shown lifted or lowered. It's a nice touch to show off a dragon's movement as it flies through the air I think. ^^

Displayed on the kit's own clear green display base.

Oddly enough, one of the interesting points about this Dragon Phoenix form to me is the more balanced distribution of mass of the entire model. ^^ Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam as seen in the previous posting is very much a regular BB Senshi Sangokuden kit with an oversized backpack. ^^ In this form, the long stretching body of a dragon can be seen, which is anatomically accurate enough to the appearance of a dragon as well, based on various illustrations that is. ^^

Also, as compared to 伏龍飛翔形態, the dragon now has its hinge legs as well. ^^

A very interesting and fun BB Senshi Sangokuden kit this is. ^^ The concept of combining features from Nu Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam into a single kit while adhering to the design elements of Koumei ReGZ is very well executed on the end model. You could say that it's a mix match of design from many existing model kits, however, it does have its own unique features that I really enjoy. The huge dragon themed headgear is very beautiful, and the ability of Koumei Nu Gundam to transform into its own little dragon form is pretty interesting as well. ^^ This is a very special model kit, and I like it very much. ^^

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