Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random (84)

That Sengoku Astray

Eight episodes into "Gundam Build Fighters", and I must say, the show is getting better and more exciting each week. ^^

I never thought Gunpla could be of such serious scientific matter, it most certainly is with the show. ^^ I never thought a cannon fodder MS could go remotely near Devil Gundam to even show up on its radar, a Jegan is shown besting it in combat. ^^ I never associated Gunpla with WWE-style entrances ever before, someone entered the "ring" as a Kane-The Rock combo in last night's episode. XD

And Sengoku Astray is one beautiful, awesome mecha, its combat performance is just as exciting to watch as Gundam X Maoh firing its Hyper Satellite Cannon in last week's episode I think. ^^ For all the craziness that is Episode 8, the brief shocker of seeing G-Saviour been animated was rendered rather insignificant in my opinion. ^^

The show will definitely hit a new high note with the debut of Beargguy III next week. XD


Anonymous said...

Astray Red Frame, from being owned by The O in Gunpla Beginning G, has been upgraded in this episode. :D

Ngee Khiong said...

Because the previous owner/fighter isn't a PhD genius kid XD