Monday, November 18, 2013

Robot Damashii Doraemon Part 2

Magnets in action

After the introduction, this posting will focus on all the accessories and option parts included in this Robot Damashii set.

All of Robot Damashii Doraemon's accessories and option parts.

Two large option face parts included for Doraemon.

(Left) The wide smile type.
(Right) The shocked/terrified type.

The whiskers on the shocked/terrified type face part are made of individual hard plastic pieces, as compared to the painted line on the default and wide smile types.

Rear view of the option face parts.

Four sets of option eye expression parts.

(Left) The happy type.
(Right) The angry/determined type.

(Left) The shocked type.
(Right) The overjoyed/touched type.

The tear drops on the overjoyed/touched type are solid parts protruding from the edge of the eyes. The powder blue-white gradient paint work looks adorable. ^^

Rear view of the eight option eye expression parts.

The default pair of eye expression parts.
The slits to hold the eyes are focused on the face part, and given that the eyes are slightly "sunken" on the face, the easiest way (and perhaps the only way as well ^^;) to swap between the eye parts is by removing the large face part first.

Thanks to its round and smooth shape, ^^; you'll need to crack open the parts at the edge using your fingernail in order for the face part to come loose.

The face part is connected to Doraemon's head via the four hexagonal slots.
Since the pegs behind the face part are of the usual straight, rounded "stick" design, the connection between them and the slots is not overly tight, which makes the task of removing the face part from the head easier and a lot less stressful.

Different types of expression configured for Doraemon. ^^

Even more combinations of the eye and face parts to create more expressions for Doraemon, all which still look "understandable" I think. XD

A pair of cat ears for Doraemon.

Printed in grayscale, the instruction sheet offers little help in distinguishing the sides of the ears. ^^; I depend on images of the Tamashii Web Shop limited Doraemon (2112 Ver.) for the ears' position on the figure's head. ^^

The ears stick to Doraemon's head via pairs of magnets embedded inside the components. ^^
It's a simple but very effective way for the parts to be connected while requiring no connector/peg/tab that would definitely distort the smooth look of the head. ^^

Doraemon before developing its fear of mice is realized. XD

(Left) The magnet connection isn't too tight, but it's strong enough to prevent the ears from falling down when the figure's position is not up straight.
(Right) The magnets only connects between the parts and don't determine their intended positions. Because of that, the look of the ears can be adjusted freely. ^^

Four of Doraemon's commonly used tools and gadgets are included. ^^

The propellers are fixed.

(Left) Much like the cat ears, Take-copter connects to Doraemon's head via magnets as well. ^^
(Right) The connection is very secure as well. ^^

Air Cannon (空気砲)!
The black muzzle point is part of the gadget's paint work.

Rear view of the part.

Doraemon's pingpong ball hand (XD) must be detached first for the cannon to be mounted.

With Air Cannon attached.

The removed hand doesn't look like a pingpong ball anymore, but it bears great resemblance to the earphone buds that I'm using instead. XD

Small Light.

A small, but very colorful component this is. ^^

The same magnet-type connection between Small Light and Doraemon's hands (one magnet in either hand).
While Small Light is indeed small in size, the imbalanced weight distribution caused by the part being merely held at the edge of its rear tip makes the connection very weak. Because of that, the connecting point is very specific. ^^;

Dokodemo door! Or more accurately, a deformed portion of the gadget as it's being pulled out of Doraemon's fourth-dimensional pocket. ^^

Easily the largest of all accessories and option parts included in this Robot Damashii set. ^^

Closeups on the details.
The silver door knobs on both sides of the door is very well painted. ^^

In order to display Doraemon with Dokodemo door, the figure's head needs to be tilted backward first so that the bell doesn't collide with the option part later.

The pocket is pulled outward for a slight degree, revealing a pair of slots that will be used to hold the door.

The smaller end of the door is pegged into the pocket.

Its arms can obviously be adjusted to "pretend" supporting the door, even though I didn't do that for the pose above.

Two additional option parts included: a slightly eaten Dorayaki and a fixed mouse figurine.

The two option parts, especially the mouse feature amazing sculpt and paint details for their tiny size. ^^

Comparison between the two option parts and a Malaysian 10-cent coin. ^^

The same magnet-type connection between the Dorayaki and Doraemon's hands. ^^

As "summarized" in the image above, the figure of Doraemon itself has five spots with magnets. Coincidently, there are five accessories/option parts with magnets embedded as well. ^^

As mentioned earlier on, the use of magnet for some of the option parts' connection to the figure is a good design to preserve the smooth look on the latter. While I do like the magnet design used for the head, I'm not too fond of the ones for the hands. ^^; To get the strongest magnet adhesiveness, Small Light and the Dorayaki can only be positioned in a specific way on either hand, which limits the ways they can be presented. ^^ This weakness is especially true for Small Light. As the magnet is embedded at the edge of its rear tip, there's no way to show Doraemon's holding the gadget at its body. ^^; Like the figure itself, the design of having magnets inside the option parts helps to cut out any and all pegs or tabs on them, but in doing so compromises their posability. I think the outcome would be better if stronger magnets are used, or peg slots are designed on the option parts, with option hand units featuring pegs included to hold them, much like the design of [Side AS?] Bonta-kun. ^^ Those option hand units can actually be designed with protruding thumbs, which are still true to Doraemon's design. ^^

Like this. ^^
Images are from Doraemon Wiki.

More images of Robot Damashii Doraemon and introduction of its articulation design coming up next. ^^


xein said...

They should have used a plastic coated steel balls as the hand.

Ngee Khiong said...


I don't think Tamashii Nations would go the extra mile to implement metallic parts on a regular Robot Damashii release. ^^;