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Robot Damashii Doraemon Part 4 [Final]

Soul Stage Act 5 impresses, under certain conditions

All action poses from Robot Damashii Doraemon after the introduction of its articulation design in the previous posting. ^^

I was amazed to find out that Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver. - its pair of grippers to be exact being strong enough to support the figure. ^^

The bottom piece of the grippers is working extremely hard to support the figure's weight there. ^^;

Apparently, the grippers were at their limits in supporting the figure in the previous pose. ^^; For this other pose with Take-copter where Doraemon is tilted further forward, the weight becomes too much for the grippers to handle when mounted to the same position as before. ^^;
Luckily, the grippers can somehow grab onto the bell strap to support Doraemon that way. ^^

No problem for the grippers in this pose as the figure is adjusted to a up straight position.

With Take-copter included for Doraemon, one would expect one or two incorporated features that would facilitate mounting the figure onto a display stand, but there's no such feature on the figure at all. ^^; I was considering holding Doraemon in mid air with my left hand to take the photos of it with Take-copter, before the totally unexpected success of mounting it on top of Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.. ^^ I don't suppose the folks over at Tamashii Nations thought of that either when this figure was designed, since there's no indication of using a display stand shown in the instruction sheet. ^^

Size comparison with the equally adorable Pokepla Pikachu that was completed in early July. ^^

Size comparison with another previously reviewed item, one that is more common on this blog, a 1/144 scale Gunpla - HGUC Black Tri Star's Customized Zaku I to be exact. ^^

Even though it's a Robot Damashii action figure, I think it's appropriate to say that it's on a completely different scale as compared to other releases from that product series. ^^ It's designed to scale with S.H. Figuarts Nobita (as shown on the back of the box) instead, which is obviously not of the same scale as the Robot Damashii line. As such, Doraemon is pretty much just Robot Damashii in name only. It's perfectly acceptable to me if it wasn't put in the same line when it was first announced, but for more effective branding and marketing, that wasn't the plan for Doraemon I suppose.

Regardless of the product series it's in, this is a very interesting and fun action figure. Despite the 2D-to-3D realization issues highlighted in previous postings, the figure does bear an accurate resemblance to Doraemon, so out of the love for the character, the figure's design is pretty good already in my opinion. ^^ The design of having multiple magnets for option part attachment helps to improve the figure's look, although there are areas with movable components that still distort the overall look, to a certain degree. ^^; There are many interesting option parts included for the figure, although I do hope for more of Doraemon's gadgets to be included. ^^ The robot has so many interesting tools it can pull out of its fourth-dimensional pocket, a single release is just not enough to cover even some of the more memorable ones. ^^ There are a few interesting articulation features designed for Doraemon as well, especially the shoulder joint extension. All in all, I think this is a very good representation of Doraemon in action figure format. ^^

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