Friday, January 24, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 16

More, and more minus molds

Continuing with the work on Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka after the previous posting, with the focus being panel lining repetitive parts of the feet, and ankle joints, plus detailing of even more leg parts this time. ^^

All the inner frame parts of the feet are panel lined using a combination of normal panel liner, and Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) is especially helpful in reaching into the narrow slits that form the soles' details. ^^

To realize a complete look for Sinanju's inner frame, all the areas between parts, spaces or blank spots between the connectors, pretty much every molded detail on the frame parts have been panel lined.

Much like the waist part's ball-type joints shown in the previous posting, all the pegs that form various hinge joints on the legs seem underwhelming with their blank surfaces. ^^;
The same minus mold detailing given to the waist part can be repeated to enhance the pegs' appearance. ^^

Test fitting the joint parts to get an idea on how the lines should be created on the surface of the pegs.

For smaller parts, namely the sliding thigh pieces and the calf thrusters, their peg joints are small enough for the extra lines to be cut directed onto the surface using a knife.

For larger parts like the knee and ankle hinges, black lines are being drawn on the surface first.

With the lines serving as guides, Tamiya Handy Craft Saw is used to create the minus mold details on the pegs. ^^

The freshly created line details on the knee and ankle parts.

All the cut areas are sanded using paper files to get rid of the flash after the cutting process.

The pegs' surfaces are painted gold using Gundam Marker.

The line details are panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

Test fitting the painted parts to see how the knee joint would turn out when assembled. ^^

As shown earlier on, there is one hollow point on each ankle joint part that serves no practical purpose to the ankle's articulation. That hollow point will be covered up, and extra parts are going to be appended to them to enhance the look. ^^
Parts from Modelling Support Goods (M.S.G.) Pla Unit P-101 Minus Mold, previously used on the front skirt armor frame parts (Part 11) seem suitable as the joints' extra details. ^^

The two selected minus mold parts are painted gold using Gundam Marker.

The hollow points are filled up using Tack-It adhesive.

(Left) The sunken slits on the extra parts are panel lined.
(Right) The two minus mold parts are attached to the targeted points using a bit of superglue.

Test fitting the detailed parts to see how the ankle joint would turn out when assembled. ^^

The minor ring details on the knee joint parts are painted using Gundam Marker.

(Left) The interior of the rings are painted black using normal panel liner.
(Right) The tip of a pair of pegs, which forms the connectors to two of the rings are painted black using normal marker.

After this, and the last posting, the work on the lower body of Sinanju is done. ^^ Will move on to relatively smaller-sized parts from the shoulder armors, and arms next. ^^

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