Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keropla God Keron Part 45

Let's just pretend that the legs are alright

More images of the just completed Dororo Robo Mk-II from Keropla God Keron: ^^

Closeups on the details:


[Body and backpack]




As mentioned in the previous posting, the legs are misplaced on the model, but I didn't correct it. ^^;

I have mixed feeling about the look of Dororo Robo Mk-II. ^^; On one hand, the grid pattern on its limbs, kunai-equipped heels, and the katana it wields are clear connections to Dororo's character design, so the correlation between the robot and its owner can be said to be strong. On the other hand, except for the two large drills on top of its shoulders, it's hard relating the robot mode look to its alternate mode design. ^^; The other four Robo Mk-IIs are more superior in establishing the connection I think, however weird they may look. While its wings are somewhat hidden in robot mode, Keroro Robo Mk-II has the vertical stabilizer fins sticking out as its knee to relate to the flight capability of its alternate mode. Tamama Robo Mk-II's shoulder mounted propellers are the clear indication of it's amphibious in nature, but its Z'Gok-like legs are equally obvious in showing off that quality too. Giroro Robo Mk-II's cannons and tank threads are obvious in either mode, while Kururu Robo Mk-II is just weird. ^^ For Dororo Robo Mk-II however, the correlation between the robot and alt modes is not very clear in my opinion.

Still, it's a very nice-looking ninja robot. ^^ Despite having a rather simple-looking light blue-white-gray-red color theme, there are a lot of neat details to observe on the model, most which required paint work to realize. ^^; Besides the elaborate details inside cockpit area, which are consistent with the other Robo Mk-IIs, I like the grid pattern on the limbs - it was certainly a good idea to include the last-minute panel line work on the parts before the assembly began, ^^ all the red shuriken details on the model, the details behind the shield, and those on the backpack. ^^ Much like Kururu Robo Mk-II, many of the details can be seen extra clearly due to the light molded color (light blue and white). That's certainly a bonus "feature" for folks who like elaborate details on model kits, like me. ^^

Comparing it to Kururu Robo Mk-II again (since they form God Keron's legs), I feel that Dororo Robo Mk-II's design in integrating the giant feet parts with the robot itself is not as well done. ^^; The two large blocks on both sides of the waist were labelled as side skirt armors in the previous posting, since they look so on the robot itself. However, it really doesn't take an expert modeler to notice how obvious-looking they are as a pair of huge foot split in half. ^^; The foot parts do bother me every time I look at the model, but unfortunately, that obvious look is going to even more cringe-worthy in the robot's alternate mode. ^^;

Then again, It's somewhat unfair comparing Dororo Robo Mk-II to Kururu Robo Mk-II in terms of their look I think. The latter's intrinsic design is non-humanoid, and is extremely weird. ^^; Dororo Robo Mk-II on the other hand, with clear limbs and a pair of normal hand units, is perhaps the most humanoid design in the entire bundled set after Keroro Robo Mk-II. ^^

Some action poses from Dororo Robo Mk-II coming up in the next posting. ^^

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