Monday, September 8, 2014

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Blight Part 2


A closer look at the default form, the robot mode of "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Legion Class Blight after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

[Head & body]




[Affliction Hammer]

Despite being pretty masculine, and having a slight hunched over for its normal standing pose, Blight's head sculpt and detailing resembles that of Soundwave, almost completely. ^^ The headcrest, deep red goggles, and silver faceplate - the only spot on the entire figure that is silver in color, are unmistakable design features that can be observed on Soundwave. ^^ It certainly doesn't help (in terms of distinguishing between the two characters) when the main color scheme of Blight is also blue, which I think is of the exact same shade as Soundwave's as well. ^^ Is the connection deliberately designed to be so? I'm not sure, since Soundwave as a character was featured in "Transformers: Prime", but he looked nothing like its "Transformers: Generation 1" cassette player counterpart. ^^;

Blight itself is a pretty decent design. Its bulky, masculine, and somewhat squat body proportion certainly reinforces its role as a "Savage Destroyer" among the five Predacons. ^^ For that matter, having a hammer as its designed weapon most certainly fits Blight's intended image as well. ^^

A look at this Cyberverse Legion Class figure's articulation design:

The head can be hinged to the back.

Ball-type joints for shoulders, and hips.

Cavity behind each shoulder joint allows the arm to be flipped backward for 90 degrees.
The cavity is actually designed to accommodate the shoulder when Blight is to be transformed as part of Abominus. ^^

Wide range of movement for the shoulders enabled by their ball-type joints.

Besides having a ball-type joint, each shoulder block can also be hinged to the front for 90 degrees.

Both arms can be flipped to the front by bending them at the shoulder blocks as mentioned above.

Each fist can be flipped inward for about 90 degrees.

Wide range of movement for the legs enabled by the ball-type hips joints.

There's enough space between the hips and thighs to allow the legs to be expanded to their respective sides for 90 degrees. ^^

The hips do split apart for transformation. Unfortunately, there's no peg or tab to keep them connected in robot mode. ^^; This causes the hips to split apart every time the legs are moved. ^^;

The lower leg can swivel around at knee level. The collision between the knee spike and the thigh provides the "stoppage" to that articulation point. ^^

The foot can be hinged downward as well, but that's meant more for the transformation design.

There are two slots beside each thigh that can be used to mount Affliction Hammer.

The hammer can be mounted for storage purpose, ...

... or with the handle pointing forward to form a cannon-like appendage on the hip. ^^

A look at Blight's beast mode transformation next. ^^

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