Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 32

Sinanju's customized coin

And the action begins with MG Sinanju Ver. Ka after the previous posting. ^^

But before that, there's one important addition to the standing pose I forgot to include in the previous posting. ^^;

One benefit of having the cockpit capsule situated deep inside the chest, and been covered up by layers of armors, is the ability to pose the standing figure of Full Frontal right next to the opened hatch but not looking awkward, since the pilot figure can't be seen at all. ^^

One other extra point: if the shoulder armor and binder are tilted upward far enough, there's a point that can be reached by the mounted shield for it to be balanced, very well at that, beside the arm using just the binder's hook arm. ^^

Also, as mentioned in the previous posting, there's one last accessory in the entire package that has yet to make an appearance since the kit's assembly started in Part 22: a limited metallic coin for the first batch production of this Master Grade kit. ^^

The coin is contained within a very nicely designed hard paper case. The front cover of the case matches the chest emblem of Sinanju pretty closely. ^^

Bottom view of the case.

The front side of the coin features a side view of Sinanju's head, molded texts of "MSN-06S Sinanju" and "Master Grade Ver. Ka", and a logo of MG.

The smooth casted details, contrasting textures between the outer rim and inner circle, and shiny metallic red color make the coin an amazing premium prize. ^^

The bottom face of the coin features a large casted emblem of the Sleeves on a sand-like background.

"Not for Sale"

Smooth rim.

Size of the coin: it's 6cm in diameter.

Comparison between the coin and my palm. ^^
Since the coin is made of die-cast material, its weight makes the handling of it feels really good. ^^

The quality of the prize matches that of this kit, as well as the image of Sinanju. It's going to look really awesome when placed next to the model to compliment the display. ^^

It's action time with MG Sinanju Ver. Ka! ^^

This is the pose of the OVA version's box art. ^^

The targeting scope from the rocket bazooka can be kept on top the beam rifle to bulk it up. ^^

More action poses from Sinanju coming up in the next posting. ^^

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