Monday, September 15, 2014

Kabaya Brave Legend Brave Gum Part 3

King Exkaiser (Part 3)

Introducing King Loader's carrier mode transformation in this last individual posting on the first model from Kabaya's Brave Legend Brave Gum. ^^

Kaiser Sword, and Exkaiser are detached from the main model. The chest panel is kept opened after the removal of Exkaiser.

Exkaiser is transformed back into its vehicle mode. Kaiser Sword is not needed for any of the two Carrier mode configurations. ^^;

The shoulder and thigh panels are closed.

Using the rear peg on the double-point hinge joint, each arm is swung downward at its shoulder.

Comparison between the adjusted left arm and the robot mode right arm.

Using the front peg on that aforementioned hinge joint, the shoulders are bent inward, filling in the chest cavity that was used to hold Exkaiser in King Exkaiser mode.

(Left) Using the bicep hinge, the forearms are rotated to the front.
(Right) Next, by using the elbow hinge, the forearms are bent downward to form King Loader's rear wheels.

The feet are rotated around until the wheels are facing upward. They are then slid outward to create a more visible gap between the feet and the shins.

The soles form King Loader's cockpit canopies.

The legs are snapped together to form the carrier's main body.

The wings are rotated towards the canopies until they meet on top the legs to form the carrier platform.
The backpack is hinged to the back, covering the head, and forming the carrier's tail.

All done for King Loader's carrier mode transformation. ^^

More images of the transformed model kit:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

All things considered, it's a simple, but very effective transformation design. ^^ All the joints move smoothly, and components like the chest cavity that holds the shoulders, and wings that fold up right behind the red heel pieces to form the top platform transform very accurately. Best of all, there's completely no part-swapping involved in transforming anything. ^^ An amazing shokugan kit this is. ^^

Comparison with Exkaiser in vehicle mode:

The last configuration for King Loader: Exkaiser can be connected to the carrier to form its new head. ^^

The feet are slid inward, then rotated around until the wheels are facing the front of the carrier.

A pair of tiny protruding tips behind the white roof part of Exkaiser can be slotted into a set of small divots between the canopies to connect between the vehicles.

More images of the combined carrier:

Comparison with Dream Tomica No. 146 Batmobile.

It's technically just King Loader with Exkaiser attached in front, so this second form is not amazingly unique when compared to the original carrier, which is already very impressive in its own right. ^^

All in all, this is a very impressive multiform mecha robot kit. ^^ It's simple to assemble, but pretty fun to transform between its various modes. It's certainly a very good start to this review series. ^^

The next kit on the list, following the product sequence, is J-Decker from "Brave Police J-Decker", but its assembly and review is not going to be featured so soon. ^^

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