Friday, June 12, 2015

Figma Inori Yuzuriha Part 2

The accessory is also an action figure

After the brief introduction, this posting will focus on the accessories and option parts included in this Figma set. ^^

Accessories and option parts included for Figma Inori Yuzuriha.

The pair of dress pieces, and sash can't be considered as accessories or option parts I suppose, since they need to be attached to the figure to complete her look. ^^

Made of semi-transparent soft plastic, the sash can be bent pretty easily.

The beautiful sculpt work which realizes the dress's smooth fabric texture, the lovely gradient paint work on top and beneath the flaps, and the clear color separation for the flower portion really give these two dress pieces an amazing look. ^^

The two separate dress pieces can be hinged outward to give the entire dress an expanded look.

The two straight pegs behind the dress pieces correspond to a pair of pegs on both sides of Inori's waist.
From the pegs' color, it seems that the two dress pieces are molded in clear plastic then had all the paints beautifully appended. ^^

The dress pieces are attached to the figure.

The sash is just placed (or for lack of a better term, 'hanged' XD) on top Inori's shoulders.
The part can be somewhat annoying given that there's no peg or tab to fix its position on the figure. ^^;

The "completed" form of Inori. ^^

Two option face parts included for Inori, featuring a serene look with closed eyes, and a singing expression.

Typical Figma design to swap between the face parts.

Inori with the option face parts.

The default face part with the blank expression.

A pair of handguns.

Size comparison of the handguns with a Malaysian 10-cent coin. ^^

Funeru, Inori's robot companion is quite a large-sized accessory, not to mention it features its own set of extensive articulation capabilities. ^^

Closeups on Funeru's details.

The arms can be swiveled freely on their respective side.
If not for the arms' collision with one another in front, and the limit of the waist on their sides, I'm sure the arms can be bent for a much wider degree. ^^

The lower body can be rotated around at waist level.

Each of the four legs has a small Figma joint as its hip joint, allowing the legs to be hinged downward/upward for a wide degree, ...

... swiveled from side to side, ...

... and for each leg to be rotated around at the hip joint (for whatever odd reason XD).

Four pairs of option hand units for Inori.

A pair of trigger-type open hands to hold the handguns.

With the handguns attached to the hand units.
The index finger may seem a bit fragile for it to be bent into the trigger guard, but it's soft enough that I don't feel worried bending it, although caution is still needed since it's a small part. ^^

A pair of open fists that can be used to hold certain accessories, despite none included for the figure. ^^;

Equipping the beam saber from HGUC Operation V's Gundam RX-78-2 to the left open fist to show you its "versatility". XD

A pair of expressive spread palms.

A pair of normal spread palms.

The default pair of closed fists.

The wrist slot to hold any of the hand units.

An extension part for the Figma stand.

The extension part allows Inori to be supported on top the Figma stand in an angled position

Then again, even without the extension part, the top-most joint of the Figma stand can be adjusted for it to be pegged into Inori's back directly and let her be supported that way. ^^

Inori's accessory and option part list is pretty standard for a Figma figure I think: two option face parts, a set of option hand units, and one or two special items (a pair of handguns and Funeru). For that matter, even though Funeru itself is pretty amazing, I believe Inori's main appeal is with the figure herself and not the extra goodies that come with her.

The "universal" open fists that can be used to hold various accessories from other Figma or non-Figma sets seem fun to put Inori in all sorts of crazy shenanigans. XD

More images of Figma Inori coming up in the next posting. ^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Pretty cool that the hands could hold beam saber. Figma is kind of compatible to 1/144 Gundam. On the other hand, all the optional expressions kind of bring the mood down.

Ngee Khiong said...


That compatibility with 1/144 scale Gunplas is always a fun extra feature for some Figmas, but for Inori, she's too serious-looking to be made fun of. ^^;

Unlike Drossel or Miyuki. XD