Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Figma Inori Yuzuriha Part 5 [Final]

Moe-moe pew-pew

Another round of action poses from Figma Inori Yuzuriha to start off this final part of the review on the figure. ^^

Comparison with two other Figma figures in my collection:

With R. Dorothy Wayneright.

Dorothy is evidently shorter and slightly smaller as compared to Inori. ^^

With Miyuki.

Due to their completely different character design, Miyuki appears to be bigger (especially with her larger head and long hair ^^). For the same reason, Miyuki feels much heavier too. ^^

Comparing Figma figures from different anime/game series is just like comparing the animation styles between different series I suppose, their differences are so obvious there's really no point in making the comparison in the first place. ^^ Then again, it's great to see that the Figma line is able to integrate the different character designs into the figures' design accurately while maintaining their articulation capabilities.

All in all, Inori's beauty stands out as the most outstanding feature of this Figma release. While the accessories and option parts included with the set, coupled with the figure's own articulation design are quite impressive to support Inori's posability, they seem rather standard when compared to the aforementioned feature. ^^ In the end, I find myself enjoying the figure for the impressive sculpt work and paint quality which are more typically associated with a fixed, scaled figurine rather than her being an action figure, and that can be considered as an interesting point in my review on Figma Inori. ^^

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Kevin Feng said...

Inori Figma was damn beautiful! she's hard to get on this year..
by the way,newbie on figurine world here :) nice too meet you

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks for visiting, and yes, action figures and figurines are usually hard to find again once you miss the first run, unless the company decides to re-release them. ^^;