Saturday, October 3, 2015

Revoltech Yamaguchi Gurren Lagann Part 3

Typical kind of hotbloodiness

Examining how much and how well Revoltech Yamaguchi Gurren Lagann can move after the previous posting.

Bending the head upward (or downward) is very easy, and the movement can be seen very clearly too.

Horizontal tilt can be done very easily.

With its double-point Revoltech joint, the neck itself can be tilted forward/backward to extend the head's articulation.

The head and neck joint are separated from the body to reveal the design for the Revoltech joint incorporated.

Side-to-side and forward-backward movements are enabled by the Revoltech waist joint.

The forward-backward tilting of the upper body also "animates" the Gunmen's expression on the abdomen in a way. ^^

A single, large-sized Revoltech joint for the abdomen, which is a rather typical design for older releases from this line.

The swivel joint portion of the shoulder joints allow the arms to swing forward and backward.

The shield can be swivelled independently of the shoulder.

A simple straight peg connects the shield to the shoulder.

90-degree elbow bend.

Because the elbow joint is a Revoltech joint, you can turn the entire forearm around at elbow level even though the upper arm is fixed to the shoulder.

Hinge-swivel combinational articulation for the wrists.

Interestingly, the joint slot of the hand units isn't straight, which means that the hand units would always be in an angled position when they are attached to the wrists. ^^

Hinge-swivel combinational articulation for the side skirt armors as well.

The Revoltech joint used for the side skirt armor.

The front skirt armor can be hinged forward/downward for a slight degree.

Taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the hip joints' connection to the rear skirt armor, rotating the legs upward from the side is a real piece of cake. ^^

The design of the hip joint connection (to the rear skirt armor instead of the waist) is very similar to that on Arbalest.

Limited 90-degree forward lift for the legs.

The swivel portion of the hip joints allow the thigh to be swivelled around said joint.

Rather standard articulation range for the knee.

Just a single-point Revoltech joint used for the knee it seems.

Each leg has a collapsible panel on the calf that would retract when the knee is bent, which allows for a (very ^^;) slight increase for that articulation. ^^
The troublesome part of this feature: the panels need to be plied out manually after the legs are straightened. ^^;

Standard but very tough ankle articulation enabled by a Revoltech joint.

The foot is detached from the leg to reveal the large-sized Revoltech joint used for the ankle.

The flexibility enabled by the hips, plus the standard articulation points of the knees and ankles makes adjusting a very natural-looking kneeling pose for Gurren Lagann extremely easy. ^^

The articulation design is quite typical for a Revoltech figure in my opinion. It's definitely a good application of what works well on other Revoltech figures, but there's no particular special feature that I would highlight. ^^; Limited in how much they can bend to support the knee articulation, and troublesome to "reset" after the pose, even the collapsible panels behind the knees seem uninteresting to me. ^^;

Some action poses from the figure to demonstrate its posability:

More action poses from Gurren Lagann coming up next. ^^

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