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Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui Part 4

Restrictions. Restrictions everywhere

After showing the figure's overall look and details in the previous posting, it's time to talk about Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui's articulation design. ^^

Very wide vertical bend for the head using the double-point Revoltech neck joint.
The collar, which is made of soft plastic, doesn't obstruct the neck's movement in any direction, but doesn't really look too natural when it moves along with head. ^^;

The head can be swivelled to the right for a very limited range.

As her fringe hitting the top part of the sleeve is the main cause behind said limited movement range, any attempt to rotate the head around beyond its limit will cause to fringe part to start to split away from the hair. ^^;

No left swivel for the neck at all. ^^;

The collision between Sigui's right hair part, which is pretty much fixed in place by the habit, and the right sleeve top doesn't permit the head's left swivel. ^^;

The limitation in the neck's movement range can be solved very easily by just pulling the joint out from its slot until the hair parts can move past the top part of the sleeves, but by doing so, the joint's hinge is exposed. ^^;

Four hair parts are connected to the back of Sigui's head via Revoltech joints of different sizes.

All the hair parts can be individually adjusted. ^^

Unfortunately, as mentioned in Part 2, the rigid habit doesn't allow much movement for the hair parts.

The hinge that allows the fringe part to be lifted is also a Revoltech joint, but its sole purpose is for the swapping of Sigui's face parts.

The arm can be lifted from the side of the body for about 45 degrees. The movement will be stopped when the top part of the sleeve hits Sigui's shoulder.

With the upper arm swivelled around so that the top part of the sleeve faces downward, the arm can now be bent upward for an even wider range. ^^

Basic forward/backward swivel is of course possible for the arms.

As shown in Part 2, the top part of the sleeve being separable from the arm itself means that it can swivel around the latter.

The other two removable sleeve parts, namely the upper arm and the forearm pieces can be swivelled around the arm independently.

The two removable sleeve parts as mentioned above.

The forearm can be swivelled around the elbow joint.

Almost 90 degrees bending range for the elbow.

Unfortunately, to achieve that standard bending range shown above, the upper arm sleeve part has to be rotated around so that its curved opening edge is right on top the elbow joint, which exposes a small (but definitely noticeable) part of the upper arm beneath it. ^^;
It would be nice if the upper arm itself was designed with matching curved edge in front of the elbow joint.

Normal combination of swivel and hinge joints for the wrist.

The body part has a Revoltech joint each for the chest and waist. The inward-curved edge on the back allows the figure to be bent backward more.

Flexible forward/backward and side-to-side bends for the upper body.

With the right adjustment to the two Revoltech joints, the body can be flexed from side to side as well.

Without additional adjustment to them, the hips have very poor expansion range.

Sigui does have a thigh swivel, and the swivelling point is effectively hidden between the thigh and stocking area.

By swivelling the thighs around so that the protruding hip parts are facing downward, much like that possible with the shoulders, the hips' movement is increased significantly. ^^

Almost 90 degrees bending range for the knee.

Standard all-range articulation for the ankle joint.
The collision between the ankle guard and the ring above it is a limitation to some of the foot's movement. ^^;

Very awkward-looking kneeling pose for Sigui.

Even though the skirt is made of soft plastic, it's still not soft enough to accommodate the bent thigh. As a result, the skirt seems to be pushing the upper body backward into a stiff pose. ^^;

The articulation design of Sigui is pretty standard as far as the Revoltech Queen's Blade series is concerned. The arms, body and hips all feature some flexibile joint design that allow them to move well, even though it's unfortunate that many of the articulation points' application is still being limited by the figure's own costume design. The hair, neck and upper arms are the most significant examples of said limitation. ^^;

All movable parts considered, the neck is the unfortunate joint most badly limited by parts around it on the figure. I already mentioned this in the previous posting so I won't repeat it. It's obvious that in order for Sigui to have more dynamic poses and isn't limited to looking to the front only, the neck joint needs to be adjusted drastically. ^^

On the other hand, another significant design feature that Sigui follows as one of the releases in the Queen's Blade series is having softer joints with smoother clicks. It's a very helpful feature that is the complete opposite of previously reviewed Revoltech figures like Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex and Revoltech Yamaguchi Gurren Lagann. The smoother movement of the joints is important to give Sigui more elegant appearance for her poses, which is very relevant to her charater design. The figures' size is also a factor considered when said more flexible joints were given to the different releases - small parts, small joints; large parts, large joints. ^^

As flexible as they are, some joints are not strong at all. ^^; The hip and waist joints would wobble when the figure is moved, which seriously adds to the trouble of posing her properly due to the top-heaviness mentioned in the previous posting. ^^;

Another reason why the standard display base is such an important accessory in this Revoltech set. ^^

Some action poses from Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui after the introduction on her articulation design:

More action poses from this Revoltech figure in the next posting. ^^

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