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Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver. Part 3

Megurine Luka & race car

Decided to take a short break from doing long review series after completing the work on Kotobukiya's HMM Zoids 1/72 Red Horn. ^^ Beside deciding on the next collectible to be featured on the blog, I'm going back to Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver. to review the second figure from that set, after starting with Kagamine Rin about a month ago. ^^

The figure, her designated option part, and the display base parts.

A bottle of champagne.
It has been opened and is ready for the champagne spray celebration. ^^

The bottle and splash part are molded in semi-transparent green and white respectively it seems.

The part is slightly longer than 4cm.

Using the decal piece designated as the champagne bottle label from the water slide decal sheet included in this Nendoroid Petit set.

The decal piece is applied to the bottle.

Interestingly, the bottle label as shown on the image behind the box is actually a blank one.
Perhaps the design of the label was yet to be finalized when the product picture was taken? ^^

Size comparison between the champagne part and a 10-cent coin.

The completed, standard display base.

The ball-type joint of the stand plugs into a slot on the back of Luka's hair to secure the connection.

Interestingly, just like Rin, Luka has a slot on her back for the display stand's connector as well, even though that slot is almost inaccessible due to her long hair.

Luka connected to the display base.

As seen in one of images earlier on, the champagne bottle has a short peg beneath its base, which can be connected to a slot on Luka's left palm for the figure to be posed with the bottle securely.

More images of this Nendoroid Petit figure:

Closeups on the details:



[With the champagne bottle removed]

Due to her long hair, Megurine Luka seems very much like Mikuru from the Haruhi Summer Festival Set. ^^ The figure's overall design is pretty much identical to that of the previously reviewed Rin, but Luka's long, magenta hair allows the lovely gradient paint work to be seen more easily, and the hairband she wears also gives her a bit of extra details.

The expression on the figure is the same as that on Rin, but it's definitely not the same face part "recycled" on Luka, as evidenced by the color of the two figures' eyebrows. ^^

In short, I think the Luka is a pretty cute figurine on her own, but not exactly special. In comparison, the race car included in this Nendoroid set is more unique, especially when the decals are added to it. ^^

Luka has the same set of simple articulation points as Rin as well as other figures from the same product series:

The head is movable via ball-type neck joint, while the arms are on simple swivel joint at shoulder level.
Swivel joints for the waist and legs.

The head can be separated for the face part to be swapped out.
Luka herself doesn't come with any alternate face part though.

Luka with Rin's face part and vice versa for Rin.

With their eyes closed and having the same smiling expression, the distinction between the two can be hard to tell. ^^

Given that their costume design is the same, a direct swapping of Luka's and Rin's heads onto each other's bodies is not only doable, the two figurines look just as fine as their "default" selves. ^^

A look at the race car from this Nendoroid Petit set:

Posing with Luka.

Without using the provided decals, the car looks incredibly plain. ^^;

Not shown in the images above, the car has a simple wind-up gimmick: roll the car backward would activate the wind-up motor, which would then gives it a short charge forward when released.

Together with the lack of paint on the body, the wind-up action makes the race car looks like a kid's toy. ^^

11 pieces of decal in total for the whole race car.

Applying the decals onto the race car.

I followed the box image and applied all 11 decal pieces to the car. ^^

As mentioned earlier on, without the decals, the race car looks like a kid's toy, especially with its wind-up gimmick. ^^ However, after the decal application, the car has been upgraded to collectible level. XD

The decal design is very intricate for their small size, and applying them was challenging but fun. ^^ I only used waterslide decals in small quantity in the past - the markings on HG 1/144 Sergei's Tieren Taozi and Tieren Taozi for examples, so it was interesting to have to apply so many tiny waterslide decal pieces on a much smaller target. ^^ The work needed to get some of the smallest piece to adhere to curved corners on the race car was especially fun. It was most helpful to find out that Mr. Mark Softer works on completed figure as well as plastic model kits. ^^

As mentioned in Part 1, I still find it to be a bit odd that there's no instruction sheet included to show the exact placement for the different pieces on the race car. ^^;

More images of the fully decorated race car: ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view.

Part of the wind-up motor can be seen.

With Luka.

With Rin in the group photo as well. ^^

Only Miku left to review before the whole set is complete. ^^

It's very interesting to see that besides the decal design, the car itself is a fairly accurate deformed replica of BMW Z4 GT3 used by Goodsmile Racing team in the 2011 edition of the Japanese Super GT300 race. ^^

Images are from

Since the race car is designated to be accessory for display purpose just like the prize podium introduced in the review on Rin, the decals' details can be appreciated very easily. ^^ Even though the wind-up gimmick is obviously still there, I certainly don't want to launch the car and cause it to crash into something and damage the decals. ^^;

Will be reviewing the last figure from the set, Hatsune Miku another time. ^^

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