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Lego Creator No. 31005 Construction Hauler Part 1

A mini yellow backhoe loader

After the previous review on Cagalli from the MS Gundam Seed Heroines gashapon series, another series of collectible that has been sidelined for a long time on my blog is making a return. ^^

Lego Creator No. 31005 Construction Hauler
Production company: Lego
Release date: 2013
Price: USD $$19.99
Merchandise link

Much like the gashapon figurine of Cagalli, I still collect and play with Lego kits even when they have not been featured on the blog since so-long-I-don't-even-bother-trying-to-check-anymore time ago. ^^; This Construction Hauler set is from the Creator series, my favorite out of the many product lines under Lego. ^^

There's no special reason behind the purchase of this Lego set that I can recall right now. I got it from a local departmental store, as evidenced by the "paid" sticker on the box that I couldn't bring myself to remove in fear of tearing off part of the cover art. ^^; I really like the color scheme of the models, and the main model, the Construction Hauler seems to be packed with plenty of playability, in particular the digger that comes with it. ^^ With just 256 pieces in total, this Construction Hauler set is a relatively simple kit from the Creator series, especially when compared to the previously reviewed No. 4997 Transport Ferry or No. 4993 Cool Convertible. It is therefore interesting to see how the gimmicks of the vehicle models can be realized via the limited piece count. ^^

The two alternate models: a cherry picker and an off-road transporter with dune buggy.

Gimmick and assembly aside, the color scheme is still the primary reason for me in picking up this Lego set I guess. ^^; A small-scaled truck with a trailer transporting a secondary vehicle, I already have one of that with No. 5765 Transport Truck, which also features a three-model design since it's from the Creator series, but the bright red looks too good on the three Lego models for me to pass on this set I suppose. ^^

Images of the three models are repeated on both sides of the box.

The piece count of the entire set, and a picture of one of the brick pieces (in this case two because it's a very simple construction cone made of two bricks) are shown on the box's top side.

A clearer look of the three models shown on the back of the box.

A small box it is, as shown here in comparison with Figma Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Ver..

Box open.


All the pieces are organized into different packages according to their rough sizes.

Closeups on some of the content.

Just two manuals for the three models it seems. ^^

The manual for the main model.

Simple pictorial warning featuring a Minifig on organization of the bricks. ^^

Clear, colorful step-by-step pictorial instructions on the model's assembly that are all too familiar for Lego builders. ^^

Two dedicated pages showing a much clearer piece count of the entire set on the back of the transport truck's manual.

Promotion for Lego Club.

Promotional images of various other Lego Creator sets.

Promotion for the Creator series.

59 pages of instruction for the main model.

The manual for the two alternate models.

Since it contains the instructions for both alternate models, the manual is thicker but each individual model actually has fewer page count for their assembly as compared to the main model.

Some of the steps to assemble the cherry picker.

Some of the steps to assemble the off-road transporter with dune buggy.

Promotion for Lego's product survey.

59 pages of instruction for the two alternate models.

As usual, the main model will be assembled first, but before building anything, a bit of organization of the bricks is necessary. ^^

All the bricks are categorized into three containers according to their sizes. ^^

A couple of steps later, the main body of the digger is done. ^^

The arms of the front-loader are movable via simple clip-on hinges.

Parts for the front-loading bucket and backhoe.

(Left) Different shades of yellow can seen on the two sets of bricks, for some unknown reason.
(Right) Some of the more unconventional bricks from this set are used for the front-loading bucket and backhoe. ^^

Done for the front-loading bucket and backhoe.

Gears can be seen between the hinges of the backhoe boom segments.

Added the two components to the digger.

Added wheels to the digger.

All done for the digger.

Due to the size difference between the front and rear wheels, the digger would always appear "leaning" forward. XD

The front-loading bucket seems better when it's assembled to the bottom of the connector to lower its position in front of the digger, ...

... but the yellow connector would look way too obvious and out-of-place. ^^;

Length of the digger: about 12 cm.

Hinge movement for the front-loading bucket.

Using the tube-like connector, the backhoe can be swiveled from side to side.

The hinge parts shown earlier on allows the boom to be expanded/retracted.

More images of the digger:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Size comparison with BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III

Small as it is, the digger is very much an action figure in its own rights with its wheels and movable front-looking bucket and backhoe. ^^

Will move on to the main model next. ^^

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