Saturday, February 13, 2016

Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh Part 2

Functional knife sheath and pistol holster

After the introduction, this posting will focus on the handful of option parts included in Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh and more images of the figure to examine the craftsmanship put in for her design and production. ^^

Just five option parts included for Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh.

Meryl's main weapon, a Desert Eagle pistol.

A military knife.

The two weapons' size.

(Left) Detached by default, the strap of the knife sheath on the left side of Meryl's waist is actually functional to hold her military knife.
(Right) The edge of the strap has a small knob that can be pegged into a small slot on the sheath.

Like this. ^^

The pistol holster next to the knife sheath is also functional and can be used to hold Meryl's Desert Eagle. The strap works in the same way as that of the knife sheath, except it's closed by default.

Pegging the holster's strap in place is a lot more troublesome as compared to doing the same for the knife.

With the pistol and knife stored in their respective holders.

Three option hand units included: one open right hand to hold the pistol, another open right hand to hold the knife and a closed left fist.

Closeups on the fingernails that are clearly molded on all the hand units.

The two different right open hands with their respective weapons.

Simple part-swapping design to give the figure her different option hand units.

The default pair of spread palms.

More images of the figure herself:

Closeups on the details:







The large figure size immediately stands out as the most noticeable feature of Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh. ^^ At roughly 23 cm tall, she's taller than most Master Grade Gunplas. ^^ Typical of the Play Arts Kai series, most of the figure's components are made of hard, solid plastic so there's a significant heft to her as well. Large and heavy, Play Arts Kai figures always feel special in terms of handling as compared to normal-sized action figures from other product lines and companies, and that uniqueness is in full effect with Meryl. ^^

Besides the large size, Meryl always impresses with her detailing. The sculpting and paint work of her face sharply shows off the character's confidence and aggression, with amazing attention to details for the eyes and hair. Other parts of the figures like her military gear, belt, boots and weapons are all very well sculpted and painted to not only reflect beauty through varying colors, gradient look and minute detailing, but there's a sense of realism on all the components as well.

Another important detailing feature about the figure, perhaps just as important as her face sculpt: since the character is designated with just a tank top for her body-wear, the sculpt work did more than enough in bringing out the sexy side of Meryl. ^o^

Large size and plenty of details, this is a very beautiful figure even just for display purpose. ^^

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