Sunday, February 28, 2016

Random (159)

Where I'm going I don't need my blog

Like I did around the same time last year, I'll be flying out of Sarawak for my 2-week-plus vacation starting today (28 February) and will be back on 16 March. ^^ However, unlike my trip to Thailand and Singapore last year, I have planned beforehand to not do any updating on my blog during those two weeks and just concentrate on enjoying my leave. ^^

Looking back, I did my updating of the blog and scheduling of postings in the evenings during my trip last year, and even though it was fun documenting my travel experiences during the trip itself, the logistics of processing the photos, uploading them, searching for information and writing up the postings were a bit tiring, especially when all the work had to be done when I was already very tired after a whole day of walking around. ^^;

Traveling is fun, blogging is fun, but I'll have to compromise one for the other just so I don't have anything on my to-do list when I plan to go to sleep at the end of the day. ^^

Yes, at my present age, sleep is very important. ^^;

I'll still be accessing the Internet during the two-week period for work-related matters, but I'll not be writing anything for my blog during that time. Instead, I'll be a lurker on my own blog. ^^

Random postings related to my travel experience contributed over ten postings to the total number in March last year. Without any plan to publish any posting for the upcoming two weeks, all related numbers are going to plummet for sure this year. ^^;

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